Major Locations I


A thriving community west of the Molalla Processing Center, it is independent and a major trading hub for caravans moving from the capital in Portland to the north. Renne is home to a large commercial hub in the old Prometheus Coal Building in the center of the town. It has a security force of locals that try to maintain peace in their community. Renne's success has made them a prime target for Willamette expansion but Renne enjoys their independence and the people there dislike a lot of the Willamette protocols and regulations.

Fairfield Farms

A recently rediscovered community, it's architecture and construction indicates it to be a post-war community. But its original inhabitants are still unknown. A group of cult members fleeing persecution by the Willamette in Oregon City discovered the place and made it their home. Most of the community is made up of Brahmin worshippers, they are vegetarian. They are skilled farmers and sell their fruit and vegetable goods to traders all around the region.

Kinton Barracks

A former American military base, it was also used secretly by the pre-war government as a weapons research facility. The Brotherhood of Steel's permanent outpost here guards this weaponry devoutly. The Brotherhood stationed here originally came from the Brotherhood's main headquarters in the Lost Hills Bunker in California. The leader of the Kinton chapter of the Brotherhood is Elder Gratian. There are around one hundred Brotherhood personnel stationed at Kinton.

Molalla Processing Center

The Molalla Processing Center is a large Willamette controlled prison. Almost every prisoner of the Willamette are sent here, from mass murderers to vagrants. The Willamette have also in the past kept political prisoners here. The prison is rather large and complex, noted for its security. But recently a group of raiders known as the Pig Rats got into the facility and released all the prisoners. A mass riot quickly broke out, many prisoners and guards died in the chaos.

Oregon City

Oregon City is the Willamette's capital. It is a large community with a high population, most of the community work in many of the city's industrial mills and factories. Much of the pre-war city has been reconstructed by the Willamette people. One of the old mills was converted into the Willamette capitol building, the political heart of Oregon. Cassidy Weber, the Willamette leader is found here.

NCR Outpost Maplewood

In the New California Republic's efforts to expand north into Oregon they discovered an old trailer park, it was a small community of ghouls. The NCR convinced the ghouls to allow their community to be incorporated into the New California Republic. Now Maplewood is a fairly populous town, a New California Republic Rangers camp has also been established here.

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