Stupid Pigs

Alessandra was heading to pick up the special request for her client that night when the commotion started. Information was one of her primary sources of income this she had to see. Jazz insisted on going first. As soon as Alessandra walked into the room Jazz grabbed her and pulled her to the side. "Jazz baby, little too public even for me." Jazz rolled her eyes. Alessandra loved teasing the girl. Jazz pointed toward the source of the commotion. "Willamette pigs. No doubt here about those escaped prisoners. Or another round of intimidation to force this fine independent community under their thumb."

Alessandra turned to Jazz. "Your PB working good today? Get that fancy aiming thing ready. This isn't going to end well. Just don't draw your weapon..." She saw the guard pull his weapon. "He went from courageous to stupid real quick. Better get your gun out."

Alessandra looked around. She saw a dress, not her usual style it was too short and didn't show enough cleavage but it will suffice for now. She also grabbed a pair of heels, they were more manageable than the ones she wore for work. She quickly grabbed it and changed behind the counter Jazz and she was taking cover behind. She stuffed her clothes in Jazz's pack. She then strapped her gun to her thigh under the dress. "Stay here. Someone should try to de-escalate things before things get out of hand. But go get the rest of the guard just in case." Jazz snuck off to fetch more guards.

Alessandra approached the Renne guard and the pigs, her heels clicking on the floor. Alessandra loved that sound. Her hands were raised. She put her hand on the guard's shoulder reassuringly. "Calm down Tony. These fine young, virile men are just here to help. What if some rapists managed to sneak in you wouldn't want your daughters to become their next victim would you?." Tony lowered his gun slightly. "That's a good boy Tony." She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek then whispered in his ear. "Jazzlyn is going to go get help. Be cooperative and I'll throw you one later on the house." She turned to the Warden, she was either a massive bitch or in charge, more than likely both from the woman's expression. "Hello and welcome to Renne. I would be more than happy to show you around and sweet-talk the more stubborn fellas around town who might give you trouble. We wouldn't want something untoward to happen, would we?"

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