Lady Business

Joint Post with Vasara Glyndark

The warden turned to the lady in the dress, she removed her glasses and examined her closer. "No exactly, we wouldn't. It's nice to see that not everyone around this place is as jumpy as your friend here. We want to settle things in an appropriately. If anyone was to use their brain they would know that this would be the most sensible place to go after escaping my fine institution. Wouldn't you agree?"

"The sensible thing would have been to stay put. Sensible went out the window the minute they escaped. The most logical place indeed would be here where you don't have any jurisdiction. The first place you should go is to see the Mayor and get official clearance to execute a search. To do that you'll need to leave most of your officers here. He will not consent to a meeting if more than one of your officers shows up. The officers who remain here will need to be on their best behavior too." Alessandra thought the woman seemed more reasonable than she came off. Wouldn't surprise her if it was all act.

"Who exactly are you? When I think of Renne I don't think of ladies like yourself, no offense. What role do you play in this lovely little community?" Celia tapped her own hip rhythmically as she spoke, like some sort of act of frustration. "Respectfully the Willamette people have a responsibility to uphold the protection of civilians. I'll do whatever the fuck I like to maintain that responsibility," she stood a little closer to Alessandra.

Now this was the queen bitch Alessandra was expecting, one who was frustrated or nervous based on the thigh tapping. "I do a little of this a little of that, you'll find me most nights singing in the club. My influence extends farther than the borders of Renne though. Respectfully you catch more bees with honey than vinegar. With absolutely no respect that attitude of yours is far more likely to catch a bullet between those pretty little eyes than your convicts. If we wanted to live under the thumb of a tyrant we wouldn't live here. So will you be a good little girl or..." Just then the sound of several guards and Jazz rushing to greet the invaders. "Should my friends take over and escort the survivors to lock up? If there are any."

Jazz and the lead guard walked up both with their weapons pointed at her. The lead guard spoke. "Alessandra is right. I suggest you stand down Miss or..."

"So it's going to be like that is it? Fine, if you won't play along we'll have to do this a bit more officially. We'll be back at some point and then you better hand over anyone you are taking care of. I'll have Weber contact your mayor if I have to." Celia said, she then ordered her police to stand down with a simple gesture. "I never got your name madame," Celia said rudely as she turned back to the woman.

"Give Weber my warm regards. Tell her his Little Minx will come by soon for a chat. As for my name I never gave you my name but if you had been paying attention to my good friend the guard captain you would have heard it."

"Whatever you say," Celia said before spitting on the ground under their feet. She tilted her head and started to walk away, her little posse following along closely behind. As she left she thought of all the things that she could do to this place, she fantasized about locking up every single person in the building in her prison. Standing before their cells and laughing at them.

Syd had stayed hidden behind the pillar, glancing out at the two woman conversing every now and then. Once the police from Molalla were gone he raced over to Addey, who was already a few drinks deep into a very pleasant morning. "Well if it isn't my favourite normie-" Addey drunkenly babbled.

"Snap out of it man, did you not pay any attention to what just happened?"

"What happened?"

"We almost got thrown back in jail, that's what. Come on we have to keep moving, we can't drag all these folk into our business." Syd explained. He patted the ghoul on his back, trying to convince him to move.

"I'm very happy here..."

"Fine," Syd let out a frustrated sigh. "Take these fifty caps, don't spend it all on drinks. Remember to pay back that lady who sold us the clothes. If anyone comes looking for you then you have to promise me you'll run."

Addey nodded: "I'll certainly try."

"I'll miss you Addey," Syd smiled at his friend.

"I'll miss you too. You were my favourite normal, if you ever stumble through this place again remember to pay me a visit." Addey stared at his cellmate for a moment, whilst his head swayed.

"I'll see you around Addey," Syd Nelson waved goodbye. Carefully he left the Prometheus Coal Building. He didn't know where to head next. On his way out of town he found the saleswoman and payed her back for the clothes. Two hundred and twenty caps left...

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