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Summary: Alessandra!


Gender: Female

Age: Appears to be in her late twenties

Group: PCs

Character Information

Alessandra did not always look like she does now. Alessandra was born Steven Sweeney. Steven was a raider. Steven raped and killed Amaya; Amaya’s husband Elliot hired some goons to grab Steven. Steven was brought to a hospital that had a functioning Mark IX Autodoc. Steven was forced into it and forced to undergo several hours’ worth of surgeries without anesthetic. He passed out from pain long before the first hour was up. When Steven’s surgeries were finished, he was tied to a hospital bed and fitted with a slave collar. Once Steven awoke Elliot proceeded to inform Steven her name was now Alessandra and if she did not do as she was told the bomb around her neck would take her pretty little head off. Alessandra complied with Elliot’s demands for a time, enduring the humiliation and degradation. After several years of being Elliot’s ‘wife,’ Alessandra found something called rat poison, she put the rat poison in Elliot’s wine and food. Elliot thought he was having a heart attack. He threatened to blow Alessandra’s head off if she didn’t put him in the Autodoc. Alessandra helped him inside the Autodoc but while doing so slipped the remote for her slave collar from Elliot’s pocket. Once inside the Autodoc, she destroyed the electronics controlling the door release mechanism sealing Elliot inside forever. Using the remote she stole from Elliot, Alessandra disabled and removed the slave collar. She knew her old raider gang was not an option; she would end up as the gang’s bike or the leader’s bitch.

Just as she was leaving a wounded woman stumbled upon her. Alessandra helped the woman into the second Autodoc and got her fixed up. Jazzlyn offered to help Alessandra to get wherever she wanted to go to pay her back. Alessandra saw a lost and broken person with no purpose. Alessandra hired Jazzlyn to be her personal bodyguard, enforcer, and whatever else needs to be taken care of.

The two women made their way to a settlement and Alessandra got a job as a singer in a club, she also offered other services for a price. She routinely uses the information she can sweet talk out of people while in bed to her benefit.

Alessandra when not expecting combat carries a Silenced .22 pistol, that she can hide on her person usually strapped to her thigh. When she expects combat she uses a 10mm pistol & H&K P90c.

Alessandra while working wears a variety of dresses, usually really long ones with lots of cleavage and a thigh-high slit on one side. When she isn’t working wears whatever shirt and pants she can. If she expects trouble she puts on her Cage Armor from her raider days.

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Image of Alessandra
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