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Summary: Jazz!

Jazzlyn Peterson

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Group: PCs

Character Information

When she was sixteen, she was rushed off to Vault 120. On the way there she saw a mushroom cloud in the distance. Once in the Vault she was put into suspended animation and hooked up to a virtual reality simulator where she was trained in all forms of combat. She and the other children were placed in the roles of various American soldiers in various battles of the Resource Wars, the Sino-American War, and other conflicts. The simulations were to end when the vault opened after one hundred years, but there was a glitch, and after one hundred years the programming reset to the beginning. In 2262, after 185 years the computer system failed. The children were trapped inside the Vault. Using their knowledge from the simulations and local resources they were able to force open the Vault door.

Once free from the Vault the children raided the armory. Their Pip-Boys had a task that said to meet up at a specific location for their assignment. The kids went to the location, but they only found a long-dead military officer. They recognized the E circled by stars insignia on his hat & combat armor as matching the one from the simulation. The kids began arguing over what to do. Jazzlyn wanted nothing to do with the argument, so she began looking through the pockets and in containers. Shots could be heard outside. Jazzlyn rolled her eyes and took cover at the stupidity unfolding outside. When the shooting stopped, she looked out a window. Survivors were looting the corpses of their victims. She remained hidden until they were gone to do God only knows what. Jazzlyn took the hat and combat armor off the officer. She began wandering around the wasteland doing whatever odd jobs she could get. She dumped her Vault suit years ago, it had way too many holes in it and barely protected against the elements. She now wears whatever clothing she can find, replacing them as needed.

An injured and lost Jazzlyn stumbled upon Alessandra shortly after she locked up her abusive husband, Alessandra used the second Autodoc to patch Jazzlyn. Jazzlyn offered to help Alessandra to get wherever she wanted to go to pay her back. Alessandra saw a lost and broken person with no purpose. Alessandra hired Jazzlyn to be her personal bodyguard, enforcer, and whatever else needs to be taken care of. If Alessandra doesn’t need her for anything Jazzlyn is free to take on other odd jobs. Over time that employer-employee relationship turned sexual, then romantic. Once Jazzlyn decided to commit herself only Alessandra she got a can of red spray paint and painted an A over top of the E on her combat armor and hat.

Jazzlyn carries a Plasma Defender and a Laser Rifle. She also keeps a modified gun that fires acid.

Jazzlyn currently wears Road Leathers, Enclave Combat Armor with a red A spray painted over the E, and an Enclave Officer hat with a red A spray painted over the E.
Armor: (no helmet)

Only Alessandra has permission to call her Jazz.

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Image of Jazzlyn Peterson
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