New Mission

Joint Post with Kronos

Carn left the maintenance as the knights began working on his armor. Wearing just his flight suit he began walking through Kinton reminded him a bit like the Seattle Brotherhood base if only a bit smaller.

Looking around he noticed a fellow brother looking lost in thought while watching some initiates training under the supervision of a grizzled paladin. "You know I've fought mutants, ghouls, raiders, and NCR and I'll fight them all naked before messing with drill instructors" he chuckled looking over to the man "Star paladin Rook know where I might find the Elder?"

Curan looked up to the Star Paladin. "Pleasure, Star Paladin sir. You can find Elder Gratian inside, he'll likely be in the command center within the central complex. When you meet him you'll know it. Trust me," Curan explain to Carn.

"My thanks Paladin perhaps we'll be assigned missions together" Rook spoke before heading towards the command Center. Inside was filled with various brotherhood members attending various tasks. Spotting an older man wearing the robes signifying Rook moved towards him "Elder Gratian Star Paladin Rook reporting in."

"I have to say I wasn't expecting Lost Hills to send reinforcements when they gave us this mission. How was your trip in?" Elder Gratian asked.

"With the situation in Seattle under control they believed additional resources and manpower would be beneficial to your operations" Carn explained" as for the trip it was relaxing for once not to have people trying to shoot you down."

"Well Oregon is a heck of a nicer place to be than California or the Northwest that's for sure. But don't go thinking that it's all a vacation, we still have our own special shit to deal with around here" Gratian explained. He tapped his fingers on the table as he spoke.

"So I've heard" Carn replied looking over the map on the table. " How may I be of assistance Elder?"

"Your friends in headquarters want our men to locate a place near Chehalem. I'm sure you know that we have searched every corner of the area, but they insist there's something out there. This is the map they sent over to us. I am having one of my own, Paladin Curan Harcourt lead this expedition. I want to see how well my men and yours mix out on the field."

Carn nodded before cupping his chin in thought. "I have no doubt about the capability of The brothers and sisters under your command but Lost hills generally isn't known for sending us out on snipe hunts. If there is something there then it must be very well hidden potentially pre-war military installation or Vault tec. Regardless we'll be honored to fight alongside your forces elder. When do we leave?"

"Soon, I just need to make some final decisions. Which of your men do you recommend for the expeditionary mission?"

Carn listed several personnel including senior initiate Graves "I can vouch for each of them as capable soldiers they all fought alongside me when we took the needle."

"Well then they can join you on this little trek. All travel is to be taken on foot, I have grounded all Vertibirds. You are to use your brains is locating this place, not just fly above the area until you spot a strange outline of a suspicious mound of dirt. Is that understood Star Paladin?"

Carn snapped to attention, bringing his fist up to his chest in the typical Brotherhood salute "understood elder if it's out there we'll find it Ad Victoriam." Turning about he headed towards the tent He and his men were assigned until permanent barracks were sorted out to inform them of the upcoming mission.

Sylvia checked her gear over for the third time ensuring that it was ready for whenever they would be deployed to their next mission. It had been over a year since she had been recruited into the Brotherhood and even now she felt as if she needed to prove herself not for others but for her own sake. While many chapters were now recruiting outsiders even if some wouldn't admit it openly she had been given the rare opportunity of being sponsored by Carn. Sponsorships were rare due to the fact that it meant the Brotherhood member in question was betting their reputation on an aspirant so anything negative would reflect poorly on them as well. Closing her eyes and letting out a sigh she heard the sounds of familiar footsteps entering the tent. Standing to attention she caught the eye of the other squad members in the tent who soon followed her example.

"At ease" Carn spoke calmly as he entered the tent "The older sending us out for patrol with some of our local brothers and sisters under the command of paladin Curan. Will be heading to a designated area to look for a mysterious installation these orders come from the high elders back in Lost hills themselves which means take this serious no heroics no slacking off understood?"

"Yes sir" Sylvia and the rest of the squad replied.

"Good gear up for an extended patrol We'll be hoofing it there. AD VICTORIAM."

Finishing his speech Carn left The tent with his squad heading towards the armory. Himself and two others were equipped with power armor while the rest were wearing Brotherhood combat armor. Once finished they headed up towards the meeting point.Curan and Elder Gratian were sat waiting for the new arrivals at the meeting point, a map of the surrounding 'Willamette' area was printed on a transparent glass screen. "Friends from the south, welcome. I am Paladin Harcourt, I will be leading this expeditionary mission to locate this place we have been asked to find. Our superior Elder Gratian has entrusted me with this operation. Please all take your seats and we'll get right to the briefing."

Carn and the others took a seat around the briefing area and waited for Harcourt to start.

Once everyone was sat Harcourt began, he walked over to the area map, pointing at a symbol that represented the position of the Kinton Barracks. "Alright everyone. Let's get to it. Our position is here, the Kinton Barracks, fortunately this military installation mostly survived the great war. We're very lucky to have her. We have been asked by your compatriots at Lost Hills to explore and locate a facility somewhere around here." Curan moved his finger down the map slightly and used his digit to circle around the area that is Chehalem. "This is the Chehalem area, it has a mix of very small communities: farmers, raiders, mutants, criminals. Anything you can imagine is out there somewhere. One of the largest communities in the area is the old town of Sherwood. Historically, Sherwood is more likely to house a facility of the size the map suggests. But then again it could also be somewhere very secret. In the hills around the Chehalem area. It's hard to determine the exact location of what we are looking for. That's where you all come in, I'm sure as you can all understand the Elders at Lost Hills won't be happy unless we find this place. We will work together to fight through everything Chehalem throws at us."

"Are any of the other major powers in the area looking for this facility?" Carn asked his eyes studying the map "from what I heard in NCR operates in this area as well right how big is their force here?"

"Already tuned into the local radio. Yes, there's rumours the NCR want to expand into that area but most of their presence in the area is restricted to their own territory of Maplewood. I wouldn't worry about them, they're not the NCR you are used to back home in California," Curan explained.

Carn held his tongue at the comment. The mindset of underestimating the bear cost of lives of plenty of brothers and sisters in the war. If any NCR tried to get in his way he wouldn't hesitate to cut them down.

"When do we head out?"

"As soon as possible, I trust that you are all ready for this?" Elder Gratian said as he stood up, using a piece of furniture for support.

"My squad and I are ready to head out this instant" Carn replied as he in his squad stood to attention.

"Then let's get moving people," Curran ordered. He stood up as did everyone else in the room still not standing.

Carn gestured for his squad to fall in behind Curan's men.

Curan lead then to the main exit of Kinton. The wasteland sun beamed down on them, bright and beautiful. He looked at the rest of the expeditionary force in the corner of his eyes. "Ready?" he asked the group.

Carn gave his 50 caliber light machine gun one final look over before nodding to Curan "ready to follow your lead paladin" he answered his voice slightly distorted from his helmet's speakers.

And so they began to walk, deep into the Willamette wasteland. The sound of their power armour crossing the land was intense, like an incoming storm.

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