Carn stepped out of his armor with a side relief followed by the
popping of some joints. So far their journey was uneventful for the most part. Not that he was surprised. Even the most brain dead raider knew not to set up anywhere close to Brotherhood territory let alone ambush a patrol unless they were packing the same amount of fire-pound protection or at least 20 to one odds.

As the star paladin began to inspect his armor He was soon joined by Sylvia carrying a bag of tools and supplies.

"Has that servo in the left knee been acting up again?" She asked while inspecting said area.

"No I had them replace it before we left the needle and then had it double checked when we got here" he answered while refilling the water reserves in his helmet.

"I still can't believe you were able to make a makeshift replacement from that giddy up buttercup thigh" she replied

"You be surprised how many pre-war company has had contracts with the military" he chuckled "I still remember learning about how certain parts of toasters can replace energy weapon components."

As the two finished the inspection They began to walk towards the center of camp. A smile appeared on The star paladin's face as he saw several of his brothers and sisters interacting with their local counterparts. Grabbing a meal they found a spot to sit down and eat.

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