The Prisoner's New Clothes

From Molalla they headed west, towards Renne a community created in a park in the ruins of a pre-war civilization. Renne was an independent little place. No Willamette, none of them folks from the New California Republic either. It was essentially lawless but safe, old-fashioned in that way America was before the railways. Ghouls were welcome too. The place even gave Addey some hope. As they strolled in a trader approached the two, she held a shotgun up recognizing where they had came from. "So we have some escaped convicts, do we?"

"We're not bad people!" Syd said, he raised his hands above his head quickly, before kicking Addey to get him to do the same. "There was a riot at Molalla. We got out of there. I don't even know why I was in there. My friend here, well they just picked him up for what he is."

"This place isn't under Willamette jurisdiction, you can't make us go back," the ghoul added. He lowered his hands not caring about some shotgun. If they wanted to shoot they would have by now. "Lower the weapon miss, we're not murderers or thieves." The trader nodded, she pointed the barrel of the shotgun to the ground. Syd finally brought his hands back down. "Now if you wouldn't mind we are looking for somewhere to relax."

"Before you make yourselves comfortable I imagine you'd want to get out of those prisoner uniforms. We may not be associated with the Willamette but people know about Molalla. I have some nice clothes I can sell you," the trader smiled. She got to her knees and opened up a large duffle bag, inside was a variety of goods, common wasteland items for sale. "The best apparel in Renne right here gentlemen."

"What do you trade in around here?" Syd asked.

"God's own currency of course, caps!" Syd and Addey looked at each other blankly, they hadn't thought to reclaim any of their belongings on the way out. The trader could see this. "I'll make you two a deal, you can have some old shirts but you've got to pay me back."

"We can do that," Syd Nelson agreed. "Where's the best place to find some simple work around here?" The trader quickly pointed over to a lit up old building, a dirty old sign above the doors said Prometheus Coal Oregon Office. "Over there?"

"That old place is now Renne's industrial and commercial hub. I'm sure somebody in there will have something for you."

"Thank you miss, it's most appreciated," Syd smiled. The lady handed them both some clothes. "I take it we'll find you here when we are ready to pay you back?"

"I'll be around here, you'll see me." The trader waved goodbye and started to lurk around, as if she was looking for someone else to make money from. Addey was the first to change into his new clothes. It felt liberating being out of those same Molalla uniforms that they had spent the past few months in. Then Syd did the same.

"Alright then, let's make our way over there." Addey said as he started to make his way towards the old Prometheus Coal building. Syd Nelson followed, tightening his belt as he made his way forward.

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