Welcome to Kinton

Carn looked out of the side of the vertibird at the quickly passing landscape below him. With the NCR being pushed out of Seattle and the Brotherhood having now established a firm presence He alongside others had received orders from Lost hills to transfer to Willamette to assist the local chapter established at Kinton.

As the vertibirds began to land Brotherhood personnel began to emerge from areas of the base to help unload supplies and direct the reinforcements on where they would be staying. Stepping out of his own transport Carn would be directed to a repair bay so his power armor could be overlooked to make sure no damage occurred during transport. While most of the Brotherhood preferred the t-50 or even the newer t-60 series The star paladin opted for the t-45 suit he wore. It was easier to repair in the field and it had a history that stretch back even further than the Brotherhood haven't been one of the first power armor suits deployed in Anchorage Alaska. It'd have been worn by his predecessor Alexander Rook and had been passed down to his family throughout generations of brotherhood. It bore many scars and repair marks and on its chest plate was the name and dates of all the campaigns that had served in from Anchorage to the recently added Seattle.

"At least they were able to jerry rig a cooling unit in there" Carn spoke to himself before leaving the personnel to their work as he went to check in with the elder.

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