CBXanadu's awards

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Squid Guard!

Awarded: Feb 3, 2015

For: For becoming Squid Guard in Feb 2015


Nova Lux Character of the Month

Game: Nova Lux *Recruiting*

Awarded: May 15, 2014

For: 2nd Time Zidkov has won this award! For the month of April


April fooler

Awarded: Apr 3, 2014

For: For the St Harbingerswhere and "thought police" chatbox prank


OWCH (OngoingWorlds Community Honor)

Awarded: Feb 4, 2014

For: For blogging, moderating & improving the community


Outstanding Membership - NL

Game: Nova Lux *Recruiting*

Awarded: Dec 27, 2013

For: Stayed through thick and thin, through the best of times, through the worst of times. Thank you.


NL Character of the Month - Oct

Game: Nova Lux *Recruiting*

Awarded: Nov 16, 2013

For: For his character, Col. Zidkov and his ruthless aggression and determination to stop Nova Lux


Nova Lux Time Warp Participant

Game: Nova Lux *Recruiting*

Awarded: Nov 8, 2013

For: Participating in the Nova Lux Time Warp


Excellent AR av!

Game: Blue Dwarf

Awarded: Sep 28, 2013

For: For creating an excellent avatar during Artificial Reality (The Ubermensch).