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How to post to a Facebook page from OngoingWorlds

Post to facebook

So you might have a Facebook page for your game on OngoingWorlds. If not, it’s a really good idea because:

  • It helps people find your game
  • It gives you a place to announce stuff
  • People can follow your game easily, even if they don’t have time to play (usually called lurking)

There’s more detail about WHY you might want a Facebook page here, and a guide on HOW to create one here (although that guide might be a bit old now). So let’s assume you already have a Facebook page & talk about how to auto post to it from OngoingWorlds.

Auto-posting to Facebook

We need to use a free third-pary tool. There’s a few of these you can use, but the one I’m familliar with is RSS Graffiti. Basically it will check an RSS feed for updates, and post them to a Facebook page.

If that last sentence didn’t make sense to you, don’t worry, you don’t have to understand it. Just follow these instructions.

1. Get RSS Graffiti

Go here & click “Go to app”. Accept the permissions which allow it to access your pages.

rss graffiti start

(All these screenshots might change btw, as the world of Facebook changes so often!)

2. Create a publishing plan

If you have multiple games, and multiple pages you could have many of these. To create your first, click “Create publishing plan”, and give it the name of your game.

New publishing plan


You now get an empty publishing plan which looks like this:

Publishing plan

3. Click “New source” to add RSS feed



We need to find the RSS feed on OngoingWorlds and paste this in as a source. You’ll find this on the “All posts” page on your OngoingWorlds game, in the bottom left.

RSS feed on OngoingWorlds

Right click and copy link address, or click and get the URL from the address bar. Paste this into RSS Graffiti. You’ll see this:

Configure source

Press Save.

4. Choose target

Choose target facebook page

Select your Facebook page as a “target”. Also choose to publish “on behalf of” your page, instead of you.

5. All done!

Try this out by posting in OngoingWorlds and you’ll see it post to Facebook if you’ve got this all set-up correctly.

There’s more options in here to allow you to control the details, and how it’s presented but the defaults will work fine. If you’ve got any specific questions, ask them in the comments below.