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Some of our best tips for PBEM game owners

hamster tipsIf you created a roleplaying game on OngoingWorlds or anywhere else, you know that it’s not an easy task to fill the game with players and manage a storyline that keeps everyone happy, and also develop a community. Here’s some tips that you might find useful:

Rules & how your game should work

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Most popular articles on the blog in 2014

tardis deloreanAs 2014 comes to a close, and we approach 2015 (accurately depicted of course in the 1989 documentary Back to the Future II), lets look at the most popular articles from this blog over the last year. Read More


Some of our best writing tips

some of our best writing tips

We’ve got new members joining OngoingWorlds all the time, and new people discovering the blog, and subscribing. But there’s a lot of old articles that new people might have missed, so here’s a list of some good stuff we’ve already posted. Read More