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Most popular articles on the blog in 2014

tardis deloreanAs 2014 comes to a close, and we approach 2015 (accurately depicted of course in the 1989 documentary Back to the Future II), lets look at the most popular articles from this blog over the last year.

Most popular articles posted in 2014

Planet scape

  1. 10 things that annoy other roleplayers
  2. 4 rather good planet name generators
  3. Way With Worlds: Views, Lenses, and Your True Main Character
  4. Mike’s Beginner’s Guide to Roleplaying: Making an Awesome Game
  5. What is Open Roleplaying?

 Most popular articles this year (from all time)

Mary Sues in multiple genres

  1. 9 movies with character flashbacks 
  2. What is godmodding and why is it annoying?
  3. The many different types of Mary Sue
  4. Facebook hates roleplayers 
  5. What to do when your Facebook roleplay account is deleted

Special mention – Some of the best from 2014

harold lloyd hanging around with the TARDIS

November 2014 was the most popular year of the OngoingWorlds blog ever!

Here’s a graph of visitors to the blog over this and last year. Getting more visitors than ever! Just bragging now 😛

Blog hits over time - 2014

ALSO… people who commented the most…

Thanks everyone who commented on the blog and liked and shared our articles on Facebook, this helps more people see the articles we post. Here’s the top commentors:

  • Mrxanadu (45 comments)
  • Jaxx (39 comments)
  • Daebelia (32 comments)
  • Tiberius (29 comments)