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Some of our best writing tips

some of our best writing tips

We’ve got new members joining OngoingWorlds all the time, and new people discovering the blog, and subscribing. But there’s a lot of old articles that new people might have missed, so here’s a list of some good stuff we’ve already posted.


The main course of our roleplaying meal! We all have a character (some more than one) but a character has to be well rounded, and balanced. Here’s some tips we’ve already posted:


Every good story needs a villain, but the villain should have clear motivations and not aggrovate other players in your game (or aggrovate them just the right amount!). Here’s some villain tips:


It’s likely that the world is what enticed your players to join in the first place, to explore your world, or maybe they’re familiar with it already (if it’s based on a TV show). Here’s some of our best articles about worldbuilding:

Coming up with story ideas

Sometimes it flows easily, but sometimes it can be hard to come up with new ideas and you feel the writer’s block. There’s ways you can encourage yourself to become more creative, here’s some articles with advice:

Dealing with Mary Sue characters

Every roleplay has to deal with some sort of Mary Sue character at some stage. There’s many ways you can deal with it, but here’s some links of advice that perhaps you could show to the problemmatic player so that you’re all on the same page:

…and here’s some advice for game owners to deal with Mary Sue characters:

Dealing with godmodders

Whether you think godmodding is okay or not (it’s less bad in open roleplaying games)

…and here’s some articles of tips that perhaps you could employ?

The art of writing

Some more general tips for writing:

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