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Brianne's tips on character creation

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Brianne is a member of the Vampire roleplaying game Reign of Blood

Hey all. So, I was asked to write a few columns about rpg sites and how they run so I figured I would give it a shot. When I first started the rpg I am on, I had no idea how anything worked or what a forum even was. But, I have now been a member for Reign of Blood for almost 2 years now.

Make an original character

I have gone through a few characters and I know the difficulties of creating a good, unique character name. It seems everyone has their own way of creating a character. In my personal opinion, I would rather see a character that is unique instead of one you stole from a book or a movie (Yes, I am talking about people like the Cullen Clones. These are people who try to play the Cullens from the Twilight Series. Well, we call them the Cullen Clones because they couldn’t be creative enough to come up with their own character). I used to spend hours trying to create a good character and now it only takes me about 20 minutes. It can be this quick for you as well.

Pick your character’s race and origin

What I start off with doing is coming up with what creature my character is and where their origin is. If you have that started, picking out a name is quite easy. Next is picking if you want the character to be a boy or a girl or even an alien if that is what your rpg site is based upon.

Choose an original name

After you have that information, I like to cheat a little. I mean, you have been this creative. I go to Google. Google will now be your best friend. I like to type in “unique names” and if you have a specific origin like Scotland then type in “unique Scottish names”. I’m not saying all your characters have to be Scottish, just was the first place I thought of. You will get hundreds of sites that all have very good names. Then, all you have to choose one (Preferably a first and a last name).

When choosing the last name, you may be able to find one online or you can get creative and start your own.

So, there is my first blog on here. WOOT! If you have any questions or comments, you can post em’ away

Brianne plays Lusty in the vampire roleplaying game Reign of Blood.