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Rewarding your members with awards

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You might have seen the mockups that I’ve put on Facebook already, showing a peek at a new feature in OngoingWorlds that allow moderators to give Awards to their most worthy members.

Give Awards to your members

As  a GM there are times when you might want to reward your members for some really exceptional storywriting, or maybe some good collaboration with another member, or going above and beyond to help out with a group event or competition. These are the times when you might want to give them something to say thanks.

That’s where the idea of Awards came from, and you’ll soon be able to give awards to members in your game. These awards will show on those member’s profiles.


Custom Awards

Moderators will be able to add new awards, so that you’ll be able to create one for every occasion, or just keep the same classics that you hand out every week/month or how often you want.

Get the new Awards first!

If you want to try these new options before they’re readily available to everyone, fill in the form below and you’ll be added to a list of privileged members who can use them straight away. You’ll be able to:

  • Give awards to your members
  • Add new awards for your game
  • Show awards on your profile

Fill in the form below (you have to already be a member of OngoingWorlds – if not, signup here):

This form has been removed because this is now a feature for everyone. Thanks to all the beta testers who signed up!