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The Institution – Interview with Emz

DavidIt’s hard not to notice a game when it’s almost always on the “recently updated” list on the homepage of OngoingWorlds, or when it gets over 100 posts in its first 4 months. The Institution is a modern drama, and here’s the game’s creator: Emz to tell you more about it!

The Institution

Hi guys it’s Emz here the creater of the Institution. I started the game because my friend has a really successful game , ‘What will be, will be’. I had one other game that I created but it didn’t attract many members so I thought to myself I want to make a really good game one that will have many members and lots of posts. So I made The Institution. At the start no one posted but the other moderater joined and things became a lot more active so I must thank all my members for making my game a success.

The setting and story

The story is set in the institution (obviously) on an island called Bonyo in America. The start is about Bonnie (my character) telling you about the institution.  The next part is where her gran dies and has to move into the Insititution as a border. A new character is introduced at this point – Katia owned by izzydizzy– The next few posts are just about school life where Bonnie and Katia become good friends. Soon a new member joines -Zelda owned by Kath- many people join from then on but not all of them post. Anyway the recent posts have been about a killer -Aaron- he tryed to kill Firah and Zelda but failed. He managed to kill Bonnie though. In the end he commited suicide.

I would like to thank all my members for brilliant posts! If anyone wanted to join our game or make a character but you don’t know whats happening just make a post asking ‘whats happening’ and I will try to fill you in if I don’t the other members or moderater will 🙂

Was it easy to get members to join?

Personally I found getting members was the hardest part. I has to change many details about the game so it was to people’s liking.