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Uploading your own avatar

For a long time OngoingWorlds showed a Gravatar for a user’s avatar, with no option to change it. Until now! By default you’ll get a unique freaky-looking monster, but now you can upload your own.

Ongoingworlds user profile

Ongoingworlds user profile, showing a Gravatar

Edit your profile and you’ll see a new option to use Gravatar, or to upload your own image.


Once uploaded, you’ll be asked to crop the image.

Cropping a manatee avatar

Your newly-uploaded avatar will show on your profile, and next to every post you create!

OngoingWorlds user profile showing uploaded avatar

This feature was first requested by Jack/Alex, and was implemented by Locke (who’s been busy recently – he also implemented the post preview feature)

Or use Gravatar. Whichever!

Gravatar homepageGravatar is a globally recognised avatar that binds to your email address. To create one, go to OngoingWorlds will use this by default, and if you don’t have one, Gravatar will automatically give you a unique weird monster-looking-thing.

The example uploaded avatar in this article is Thor reimagined as a manatee (of course!). There’s loads more superheroes reimagined as manatees here.