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While toiling away attempting to come up with a great story. Yes, before you say anything I know it has been over a year since my last article. But I digress… Instead of coming up with a great story I stumbled across a very interesting comment on a previous Ongoing Worlds article:

In the 3rd month of the 33rd year, the Castle collapses
Young and Old collide in combat
Seizing the opportunity, the Brazen Man attacks
The Estate is now his, and They his subjects

On the first read, I didn’t know what to think of it, though someone else replied in the comments section with, “What is this squiddies poetry?” Poetry yes, but not Squiddies, I thought. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my many years of simming, it’s that you never know what to expect next or where it will come from next!

Back to the task at hand of trying to get the creative juices flowing and continuing to work backwards in time through the blog posts, I observed a similarly strange poetry-like comment in the Babel Conference article. I then noticed that both comments were from someone going by the name of Nicholas de Sim with an avatar of simply NdS. My interest was piqued! I clicked on Mr. de Sim’s Disqus profile, which revealed six different four-liners. Seeing them all together, they then reminded me of Nostradamus quatrains. Do we have a Nostradamus in simming? Google search time!

My scouring of the Internet revealed more of these Nicholas de Sim posts. While a few were repeated, I found nine unique quatrains, all of which were posted on January 22, 2022. Is that date significant? Is there a connection between the places they appear? Who is Nicholas de Sim? Or perhaps most importantly, what do they mean?

One has to wonder if this is some troll in our beloved community or is this some unknown prophet attempting to warn us of something to come. All I know is that these quatrains are well written and fairly entertaining. Perhaps you can assist in figuring them out.

If you have any ideas or find any more of these quatrains, please let us know in the comments section.

On the positive side, although unexpected, this turned out to be a pretty interesting blog article topic!


The Bridge is finally completed
When it is no longer needed
A Relic of a prior age, it reminds and inspires
Some still choose to Walk the expanse

from AOM Monty Characters and Monthly Awards: December 2021

The Founder walking among us
A Man of many faces, ever present, but never seen
His influence knows no end as Nothing remains from his touch
Not dead as many had believed

from Chapter 4

As the 44th year comes to a close the Truth is revealed
Astonished, the masses question their own reality
The False Prophet comforts, but it is a ruse
The two do battle as in the days as old, though only One endures

from FallFest is Coming

Emerging from the ancient Delta
The Rebel lays waste to the First Kingdom
Mountains fall and floods rise as his plunder sees no end
He will not be displaced

from We Hope you Enjoyed FallFest and Talk: Timeline of simming

The Five Planets align in the Spring
Their Governors embrace the new Golden Age
Unparalleled prosperity for all citizens abounds
It spans four epochs and three cycles

from Babel Conference Today

In the 3rd month of the 33rd year, the Castle collapses
Young and Old collide in combat
Seizing the opportunity, the Brazen Man attacks
The Estate is now his, and They his subjects

from Submit your 2020… and 2021… and 2022 Squiddie Nominations Today

The two Cities become One
But all is not well as East dominates West
A chasm widens for 7 periods until fire falls from Sky
No one heeds the Warnings

from Cooper Driver and Richard Quit RPG Recruitment After They Discover Its Secret Purpose Is to Convert Role Players to Simmingtology

The Traveler makes many stops
She judges all without their knowledge
But her Standards are no mystery
Many fail, though even more succeed

from James East Seizes Independence Fleet After BJ Wheeler Leaves Keys in Flagship’s Ignition & Other Space Oddities and Talk: Sim Central

She left the Key in plain sight
Yet No One knew the Door to which it belonged
With the Treasure in view, no one remembers the Route
At rest until 744

from My Favorite Trek: Dean House