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While toiling away attempting to come up with a great story. Yes, before you say anything I know it has been over a year since my last article. But I digress… Instead of coming up with a great story I stumbled across a very interesting comment on a previous Ongoing Worlds article:

In the 3rd month of the 33rd year, the Castle collapses
Young and Old collide in combat
Seizing the opportunity, the Brazen Man attacks
The Estate is now his, and They his subjects

On the first read, I didn’t know what to think of it, though someone else replied in the comments section with, “What is this squiddies poetry?” Poetry yes, but not Squiddies, I thought. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my many years of simming, it’s that you never know what to expect next or where it will come from next!

Back to the task at hand of trying to get the creative juices flowing and continuing to work backwards in time through the blog posts, I observed a similarly strange poetry-like comment in the Babel Conference article. I then noticed that both comments were from someone going by the name of Nicholas de Sim with an avatar of simply NdS. My interest was piqued! I clicked on Mr. de Sim’s Disqus profile, which revealed six different four-liners. Seeing them all together, they then reminded me of Nostradamus quatrains. Do we have a Nostradamus in simming? Google search time!

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Good Writers vs Good Players

One of the most pleasant aspects of being a GM is reviewing applications and welcoming new players aboard your sim. Opening my email and finding a new application to read and review can be quite exciting. However, as a GM, you have to be selective about who you accept on your sim, and this is where things get tricky.

Making the wrong decision on a potential applicant can cause a lot of headaches down the road, as many GMs have learned the hard way. We have a lot of tools in the application process to determine whether a new player is a good writer – the biography and the sample post are generally a good indicator of writing skill – but is that enough to determine whether the applicant is a good player?

Being a good writer and being a good player are two different things.

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