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New chatbox

chat box

Hey dudes, there’s a new update to the chatbox that we use on OngoingWorlds. The old one we were using “Cbox” was simply not keeping updated with the times, so I’ve switched over to a new one called ChatWing. With ChatWing you can login using your Facebook account, Twitter account, Tumblr account, or simply as a guest.

I’ll be making certain members moderators of the chat, as you’ve probably noticed I don’t frequent it as often as many others do! Moderators will be able to temporarily ban people for bad behaviour, and can tell if someone is pretending to be someone they aren’t.

I’ll keep the old chatbox active for a day or so, just in case there’s problems with the new one, then it’ll be removed.

Edit – The old chatbox has now been removed. Tib has published a guide for chatbox etiquette here.

  • Mrxanadu

    I can’t log in as a guest, and I’d rather not link my social media accounts to Chat Wing. I trust everyone here, but there have been prowlers that arrived in our chat boxes on occasion.

    • Mrxanadu

      Problem solved, you can change your name in Chat Wing. I’ll just use my incomplete Google+ account.

  • Ralazie

    I play that game. I’m gonna kill my charrie and leave it though.

  • Tiberius

    NO! I LOVE CBOX! DON’T GET RID OF CBOX! IT’S OUR LITTLE BUDDEH! Can’t they live in harmony? 🙁

  • Tori

    The button doesn’t even show up.

    • Should do on the desktop view. If you’re on mobile it’ll show in the top menu as “chat”. The only reason it won’t show is if you’re using internet through a filtered proxy perhaps?