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5 Roleplaying pet peeves

Hey dudes, I saw these on the Roleplay Pet Peeves blog on Tumblr, and thought it’d be interesting to share.

RPers who expect the mun to know everything about the world

The “mun” is another word for a character’s player. It’s important for the player to understand the universe of course, but you have to give new players some slack and not expect them to know every last detail. Help them if they get a detail wrong, don’t jump down their throats.

when people can't separate canon and fanon

If you’re using an existing universe, like Harry Potter, everything mentioned in the books and movies is “canon”, and so everything you’re describing in your roleplay is “non-canon”, or “fanon”. Having a knowledge of both is essential. We have an interesting article about putting canon characters in you roleplay, and whether or not it ruins them (read it here).

People who create/play powerful characters just to trump the other powerful characters in the group

See what is godmodding and why is it annoying, and also all-powerful characters are boring.

having to shut down your RP group because it takes more effort to maintain than anyone is willing to give

Sadly I think everyone’s been there, the roleplay just takes too much time, or you don’t have enough interest. Sometimes it happens because the idea isn’t good enough, sometimes it’s because the players aren’t a good match. Sometimes it’s just bad timing and RL just gets in the way.

being kicked from an RP group for not playing your character to bio

Dunno how you feel about this one, obviously you should be allowed room for your character to grow and change over time, but if you start writing your character’s personality in a way that’s radically different to the character you described on your bio, then you need to update the bio, surely?

Do you have any pet peeves? Add them to the comments below!