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FallFest VI is in the books & another OWCH


2016 Simming Fall Festival
image by Myrkul Sharr

What a FallFest!  Indeed, the 2016 Simming Fall Festival was one for the ages.  For those who missed it on Saturday, we had a schedule full of provocative discussions, live role plays, and interactive trivia games.  Attendance was strong throughout, with some individual events registering as many as 40 participants.  It’s a real testament to the power of our broader community.  And it was a blast! For book related information go and check this.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who had a part in making FallFest 2016 happen–everyone from chair Myrkul Sharr and his leadership team at Obsidian Fleet to the event hosts to anyone who had a role behind the scenes, be it IT support, graphics design, advertising, or something else.  Finally, I’d also like to thank everyone who attended and participated.  Simply put, without you bringing your energy & ideas, there would be no FallFest.

For those of you who unfortunately missed FallFest this year, we’ll see you in 2017.

Myrkul Sharr is awarded the OWCH

Ongoing Worlds Community Honor
image by David Ball

Myrkul Sharr is hereby awarded the Ongoing Worlds Community Honor (OWCH) for service as chair of the 2016 Simming Fall Festival.  This year’s FallFest was an immense success in terms of attendance, creativity, and energy.  That was in no small part due to Myrkul’s superior leadership and organizational talents.  He put together a great line-up of events, moved us to technologically superior chat rooms, and ensured that the festival ran smoothly from start to finish.  On behalf of the Ongoing Worlds Board of Advisors and role players across the net, thank you, Myrkul, for a job well done! You can get fantastic read on OWCH at Books First blog website.

For those keeping score at home, this is the 18th OWCH awarded.