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“Sim” vs “RP”

DavidThis is a discussion article written by Akeram Mulvar from USS Hartington. Have an opinion on this? Write it in the comments below 🙂 -Onion

Sim vs rp

OK, now in advance I’d like to apologize to writing an article about semantics. I am fully aware that many of you are shaking your heads and pleading to various deities for an answer to ‘why.’ Well, because. Because reasons. Read More


Mary Sue Deconstructed

multiple facepalmsWe’ve talked about Mary Sues a lot in the RP community. That’s because we always have to deal with them as they infiltrate our ranks as Jedi or Starfleet officers, or any other field you want to name. For the most part we’ve gotten used to spotting Sues, but that’s because the Sues have a tendency to draw attention to their status as such.

What if I told you, there were far more Sues out there? And some characters who are clearly the offspring of Mary Sue.

In order to tell who a Hidden Sue is, very careful attention is needed, and there’s a fundamental premise we have to accept, even if we hate it. Read More


11 Reasons Why Play-by-Post Games are better than MMORPGs

Star Trek Online away team

I realize that this statement may be controversial, if not heretical. Many fans cling to their MMOs with great pride, whether it’s Star Trek Online, the Old Republic, World of Warcraft, or Elder Scrolls Online’s Beta. However, as cool as it is to have that level 60 Paladin/Jedi Knight/Klingon Captain/Battlemage, there are a few downsides you should be aware of. Read More


Infinite Diversity in… You Know the Rest Right?

Alien line-up

All right folks, I’m here to talk to you about diversity…

Don’t leave. I can see you moving your cursor away. I’m not talking about making sure you have enough female players or Black Asian Bisexual Youths. I’m talking about making your particular RP reflect its universe a little more. Don’t think it’s a problem? Read More


The right leadership can make a difference

Akeram Mulvar

Akeram Mulvar from the USS Hartington RP

This article is written by Akeram Mulvar from the USS Hartington RP.

I can guarantee that if you’ve been RPing or simming for more than a short time, you’ve encountered some kind of drama. If you haven’t yet, you will. The internet has a lot of great stuff on it, from excellent writers who we love to work with, to various adorable kittens playing with boxes. But, there’s also bad. Many people take the anonymity, or the distance from another person, as an opportunity to let out the worse aspects of their nature. They can bully, or form cliques, and essentially be unwelcoming. Read More