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Summary: Bear in Dalish clothing.

Irmigard Bauer

Gender: Female

Age: 154

Group: People of the Timber Crag Kingdom

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Timber Crag Kingdom




Working in the intelligence sector of the Timber Crag army, Irmigard is responsible for learning as much about their neighbors as possible in preparation for expansion. Whether it is to find weaknesses in the defenses or to infiltrate in order to have a peaceful annexation, she is moved into the borders covertly and adopts a life that will keep her hidden until expansion is coming.



Physical Appearance

An athletic slim in build, Irmigard stands at 6'4" in her human form and 10'6" in her bear form. She has fair skin dotted with the occasional freckle and full lips. Her hair comes down in gentle waves to her shoulders and is a dark brown in his. Her eyes are an inquisitive green, constantly looking for answers to the mysteries abound.

Personality and interests

Irmigard is driven and passionate about her job, her skills at it coming to her not only naturally, but also from years of perfecting them. She is always observing the patterns of the populace and gathering information from various sources she has hidden within the host nation. She is quite committed to her job, sacrificing her personal life in order to achieve success in her mission. She does not view this as much of loss, however.


Born during the Kingdom's expansion into an empire, Irmigard was brought up to see the military and its attached elements as the ultimate goal of every young werebear. More land was needed to promote the growth of her people, and Irmigard intended to lead the charge towards greater territories. In her youth, she enlisted into the Timber Crag army and served on the frontlines during a few campaigns. While serving, a promotion period was upon her so she took a vocational test to determine if she deserved a promotion.

She received her promotion and a transfer as soon as the tests had been grades. It seemed that her skills and intelligence were much better suited for Intel than in the field. Moving to her new command, she was used to interrogate prisoners to find the strength of the opposition that stood in the way of the Army Group.

Learning several languages from the surrounding area, she began working closely with Special Operations in order to go covertly into enemy territory and capture an official or other target that would have much needed information before a full-scale assault was launched. For many years, she served this purpose, conducting preemptive strikes and operations that would allow her to gain invaluable information.

Only within the past three decades has she moved to her current role - moving throughout neighboring countries and implanting herself within the society. Sending back information much less frequently, her role was to find suitable areas to conquer or areas that would bring with them no gain. Her latest residence was Dalen, where she posed as a cosmetologist for the rich and privileged. Learning secrets from the mouths of women who apoke of their husband's deeds, Irmigard compiled a rather impressive dossier for the nation. This was sent back to King Authun's court nearly three years ago, leading to the meeting with Dalen diplomats and eventually Authun's untimely demise. She knows only that his son has taken over, Prince Thierri, and that any hope for a peaceful campaign has been thrown out the window.

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Image of Irmigard Bauer
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