Characters: Others

Roleplay character: Erik the Specter

Erik the Specter

Gender: Male... Kind of

Age: 0...?

Erik is Ceriden's wraith.

Roleplay character: Wolf


Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, 30-35 ish

That shadow amongst the trees with piercing blue eyes.

Roleplay character: Lafayette Le Renard

Lafayette Le Renard

Gender: Male

Age: 20's


Roleplay character: Silika


Gender: Both

Age: 22 (in her kinds age)

Extremely rare breed.

Roleplay character: Jack Nahemah

Jack Nahemah

Gender: Male

Age: 21

A half breed trying to find his place in the crazy world

Roleplay character: LeLu Farstrider Nahemah

LeLu Farstrider Nahemah

Gender: Female

Age: 118

A bubble headed blonde elven bimbo with sharp skills.

Roleplay character: Gareth


Gender: Male

Age: Around 25

Mistreated and misunderstood.

Roleplay character: Bungo Glubish

Bungo Glubish

Gender: Male

Age: 42

I give you knowledge, if you give me radishes. Now that seems like a fair trade.

Roleplay character: Due, Dae, Doe and Bert

Due, Dae, Doe and Bert

Gender: All males

Age: All 2

Hello how are... Why are you asking... because he wants... Who cares what he... Stop cutting me off!

Roleplay character: Weezie


Gender: Male

Age: 10

Sneaky, Sneaky, I am Soooo sneaky, I am the best sneaker. Shut up and listen to your sneakiest sneak

Roleplay character: BushBug


Gender: Male

Age: 16

If tt years have taught me one thing, it's that I will kill every last necromancer, then take a nap

Roleplay character: Sandet


Gender: Female

Age: 11

I am in charge here, kneel before me, just kidding you don't gotta kneel, but I'm still in charge.

Roleplay character: Clampsies


Gender: Female

Age: 7

I may be small, but I always have a lot to say. Like you would taste good diced for my next meal.

Roleplay character: Mudnit


Gender: Male

Age: 4

A large, sneaky squirrel that was cursed by a group of dark necromancer with the ability to talk.

Roleplay character: Hemlock Nightshade

Hemlock Nightshade

Gender: TBA

Age: Unknown

Info TBA