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Summary: Once a man, now a terrifying monster that ruthlessly kills the Queen's foes.

Talin Nahema

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Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Soldiers of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Half Elf, Half Incubus turned Vampire-Ghoul


Talin is one of the most feared warriors in Dalen. He wields the deadly Spellbow, an artifact that allows him to use an arsenal of terrifying abilities at great distances. But even if his foes can manage to get close to him, Talin is still a force to be reckoned with. In melee, the Fiend wields two blades, one, a straight, double-edged arming sword, the other, a smaller scimitar that curls into a hook at the end, designed for catching blades and pulling down enemy shields. His vampirism makes him an even more dangerous opponent, granting him superhuman strength, agility, and self-regeneration.


Talin is a thrall of Thalia's Enforcer, Estalla "The Black Witch".

Talin is usually referred to either as "The Spellbow", or "The Fiend".

Physical Appearance

Talin has pale skin, a sharp featured face, long grey hair, and intimidating red eyes. He stands at a little over 6 feet tall (1.8 meters), and has a somewhat slender but well muscled build.

He is usually dressed in greyish-black light armor that doesn't restrict his movement and also looks quite intimidating.

Personality and interests

Nowadays, Talin has about as much personality as a brick wall, but before he was transformed into a monster, he was reportedly charming, intelligent (if rather naive), creative, and idealistic.


Talin was born to Aello Nahema and an elven father he never knew. Like all of the Nahema children, he was educated in the ways of the world and trained to be a deadly warrior. Talin was fairly gifted in fighting with two weapons, but where he truly shined was when he used a bow. He was so skilled with the bow that Aello gave him the Spellbow, an artifact that she had found long ago in the ruins of a long forgotten civilization. Talin had never been great with magic, but when he used the Spellbow, he was able to harness his latent magical abilities in a way that complemented his fighting style.

When he became twenty-one years of age, Talin was abandoned by Aello as all the Nahema children were, and he began his own journey into the world. Thus began the tragic tale that would be Talin's life. It is kind of a long story that I'd like to tell at some point, but the short of it is that he used his gift at martial combat to kill A LOT of people, to the point that he eventually became considered a threat to Kingdom of Dalen. He then got captured by Estalla, then the Queen's Royal Interrogator, and he was transformed into a vampire-ghoul thrall. Estalla was then promoted to Thalia's Enforcer, and the two of them became peace keepers that kept Thalia's vassals in line.

Favourite food

Human flesh and blood.

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Image of Talin Nahema
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