As The Page Turns

It had been a while since Kalena, Kline and Lafayette left on their own to continue their investigation. Count Chrien Soldor bid them farewell as he had other stately matters to attend to with Thalia. Secretly his true identity had been stolen by Jack Nahema long ago in order to infiltrate the government for the resistance to aid his half sister Auriel. To protect his companion, LeLu, he keeps her in his room and has long replaced the staff and slaves with resistance operatives hand picked by his much older half sister Auriel Nahema who is a big wig in the resistance.

Using coded messages in the form of invitations and merchandise order lists they are able to spread info all along the resistance. Sadly poor Jack was annoyed that he missed his opportunity to set up Kalena and Oruvand for trying to kill him when he first arrived. They had a kill first and ask questions later mentality which did not sit well with him, especially since they tried to kill LeLu just because she was with him. He hated jerks like that and was more than happy to aid Auriel and her resistance take the government down a few notches.

However they needed to be careful since if they weakened the government to much they could be invaded by a rival country. So after many long and boring meetings, Chrien met with Thalia and her staff to enforce her policies and fortify the country of Dalen. Out of concern for his safety Auriel warned Jack of Estalla Malkaan better known as Thalia's "Enforcer" who somehow managed to capture and mentally brainwash Talin Nahema the "The Spellbow" who also happens to be Jack's and Auriel's older half brother. Estalla gave them the shivers when she was present as she was indeed a dangerous woman. Naturally he kept his distance from Estalla and Talin since he didn't want to risk getting noticed by Talin who seemed to be a mindless drone for the most part and not once looked at Chiren.

Even though some of the nobles did not agree with Thalia, they kept it to themselves since Estalla was present. It was obvious the old windbags feared her enough to stutter in her presence. This only added to Thalia's intimidation over the nobles.
When he was not in meetings or performing a mission for Thalia, Chiren was busy keeping the resistance information network working in Dalen.

Using some gold he found hidden in the mansion he funded the resistance operatives to open some stalls in the market to sell products as a front for dropping off and picking up codded messages in the form of orders. By having more than one stall it would be less suspicious to have only one place to deal with. This would help confuse the Dalen spies lurking about. Since most of the resistance knew each other they could read subtle expressions to communicate before talking.

As Chrien, Jack found his new job exhausting and needed a break now and then. Luckily LeLu was there to ease his troubles and help him relax. LeLu is the 3rd Princess to the Former Farstrider Elf Clan, which was defeated. She is a living oxymoron. Her skills in tracking and archer are awesome, but she is a total airhead. She loves to live a simple life and is usually a burden on others. He large chest often causes her more trouble as she attracts trouble. Once a happy airhead of a Princess, her kingdom was destroyed by an enemy and she was forced to run away till she was captured by slavers. However by chance LeLu was freed after Jack wiped out the slavers and took her in. To prove her gratitude she volunteered to become Jack's slave/wife so she could be by his side forever. Even though Jack was resistant to take LeLu under his wing, he does find it hard to resist her feminine charms rubbing against him.

In all honesty LeLu was the only one he could relax around since dropping his guard was hard for him, due to his mother's (Aello Nahemah) training. Aello had many children in her long lifespan which made her older than Thalia. As a free spirit Aello rarely stayed in one place to long unless she got pregnant. As a Succubus, she had to constantly feed on the life energy of men, unless she got pregnant. While she was with child up to the child turning 21 she didn't have to feed on men, which helped her pass the time easier. However with all her children, Aello would leave her child after they turned 21 and set off on a new adventure. Every now and then she would check up on them to let them know of their new sibling setting out on a new adventurer.

After waking up by LeLu, Jack couldn't resist a morning loving embrace before forcing himself out of bed. LeLu of course was always happy to be embraced by Jack and looked forward to their quality time since he was always busy with work. Since she needed to stay hidden she wore veils and a headdress to hide her face and ears so she could move about the mansion. She would spend her days reading in the large library, target practicing her archery, sword and magic in a training room with a female resistance tutor. Jack wanted LeLu to increase her skills so she would not hinder him in combat in the future. Before leaving their room Jack turned back to Chrien using polymorph magic and LeLu looked like a sultan's daughter. While LeLu was off training in the inner mansion Chiren had to meet with a Nobel who was under suspension by Thalia's spy network.

Count Chiren then headed off to visit the other Nobles for a morning meeting before visiting the Noble in question. Unlike many other investigators un the Queen Chiren was very thorough and meticulous. If the Nobel was working for his sister Auriel, Chiren would frame a closer threat to remove the suspicion and a threat at the same time. However if the Noble was just being greedy or abusing their power Chrien would plant evidence and lead them to ruin. It pained him to have to limit who he could crush since it would interfere in Auriel's plan to spread her network.

As time went by Auriel and Jack became quite close as siblings and shared stories about their childhood with their infamous mother Aello. She even told Jack about their older brother, Talin the Spellbow. It was a concern that he was a broken monster now, but Jack asked Auriel to investigate the manner of how Talin was turned into a Ghoul and any way to reverse it. Jack told Auriel he was making future plans on how to deal with Estalla and free Talin after they had everything needed. Auriel was glad that Jack was thinking ahead and being patient, but part of her believed Talin was already gone. Jack told her Talin was better off with them than anyone else and this did comfort her a bit. After their meeting Auriel left Chiren's mansion and Jack resumed his work as Chrien.


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