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Summary: Kline is a common man pushed into a noble standing, facing a fight he had never really trained for.

Kline Lowson

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Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Nobles of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





Ex-Soldier and now land owner, caring for a vinyard and the surrounding village



Physical Appearance

He has Sun kissed skin, a soft brown that is not normally native to those of the noble class setting him apart a bit as one who has not inherited his class but earned it. The dark complexion though goes well with the long dark hair that cascades down his shoulders. Usually bound up in a series of braids on just one long ponytail, he kept the long hair even when it might not be in fashion for a noble to do so.

His dark eyes tend to have a common quality to them, easy to look at though hard and firm from the war and battle they have seen. Usually looking down on most as he is taller then the average man, he walks proud and strong. He has a wide build, from his years as a soldier and wearing armor. His appearance is even more impressive to most when he is on his horse.
Skin: Light brown
Hair: Mid-length, straight, dark brown
Eyes: Brown, average-sized
Height: Very tall
Weight: Average weight
Build: Somewhat broad

Personality and interests

He has no head for land lording, and even less for markets and for running a wine business. Personally he does not like wine but prefers ales and harder drinks.
He loves games of chance, dice and cards.
He is usually an open person, kind and friendly. He hides a darkness though, one he hates to admit, and this is the man he is when in war, he is cold and ruthless, and it is a demon that haunts him. He tries to hide this part, and hopes being a noble will mean his days of being a killer are behind him.


He has been a soldier since he could lift a sword. He was raised as the son of a drunkard and a camp follower. His father was a mercenary and his mother followed his camp doing odd jobs like cooking and cleaning for the soldiers.
He learned to fight when he was young as a means to earn his keep. When the chance came he went to war for Dalen. During the war he distinguished himself in the service, and went from a common mercenary to a Captain, and part of a bounty he received for killing a Valen general was the title and land. It was not expected he would be able to beat the dangerous General with his limited troops, but he was lucky and in a flanking maneuver was able to catch the noble off guard.
Now he has a small part of land to protect, and he wants to see that those the Queen has entrusted to him are safe, though he now needs to have a head for money and finances to do so.

Favourite food

He loves roasted fish, done with a dill sauce and lemon rice.

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