A Long Night

“What time will we have this meeting?” Kline asked finally. “What time will we tell them, and where will we do it?"
"We need to move quickly," Kalena said. "I thought of holding the meeting here, but if Count Soldor allies with us, perhaps his own home would be best? Chiren has far greater influence than I, and it will set a signal that we are to be taken seriously, and surely help attract more support our way from the various nobles, especially those in key positions of power throughout the kingdom we will need to have on our side."

Jack enjoyed his personal time with LeLu before a knock on the door ended their fun. Seeing as it was time to work again he, turned back into Chiren and LeLu put on an colorful Saree outfit similar to the Arab women. LeLu's face was cover up by a series of veils In addition to the jewelry she looked like a foreign princess. She was simply referred to as the Count's concubine and stayed in his room for now. Jack who was no posing as Chiren, made his way to the waiting room after one of his servants informed him of a messenger from Kalena Valade. At this point Jack and his half sister Auriel had already switched out the original guards, staff and servants to spies of the Rising Star. This gave them direct access to the mainstream of information from the Queen, Nobles and third parties involved. They were hoping to make this a long term assignment but were prepared to pull out at anytime which is why the were picky on how they used the information they received. Using Chiren's home as an intelligence hub was a huge boon for the Rising Star. However in order to keep up with appearances Jack aka Chiren had to maintain his reputation with the Queen and others like Kalena.

As he met with the messenger he learned of Kalena's plans to gain support in order to push the Queen's request. Naturally he chose his words around Kalen's servant as he read the message and considered his best options. Kalena's servant was left in a waiting room with some fresh tea and one of Chiren's servants to keep him company, as he waited for Chiren to write a reply. Chiren then left to his study with a few other servants who were key spies for his half sister Auriel. After discussing it with them Jack planned to accept the idea of supporting Kalena and her group at his place since it would leave them several opportunities. First of all, it would allow the faces of Kalena's supporters to be exposed to all the spies in Chiren's home, second it would mean their homes were less protected so they could plant evidence to implicate several rival Nobles to stir up trouble. Chiren told the others to use that time to break into the homes of Kalena and move a few things around in key places to make it look like it was a break in and then drop a piece of evidence such as a button with a Nobel's crest on it, a wax seal with a Noble mark on it or a small dagger with a Noble's seal on it. The plan was to make it look like a sloppy raid that left evidence behind by "accident" while almost getting caught. This could be used to cause friction with Kalena and some Nobles.

By this time the Nobles who were informed of the evidence of Kalena's involvement with some assassinations with key Nobles was retrieved already while she was out of the house. So to help stir the pot, Chiren planned to give up the three names to Kalena and three incriminating scrolls of evidence in their criminal activity. Once he told the plan to his team of Rising Star spies he wrote a response letter to Kalena.

To Kalena Valade,

It has been brought to my attention that a crisis of upmost importance for the Kingdom has been brought to our attention. I believe it would be best if we could discuss the matter at my estate involving all concerned parties. Since it is too late to plan for a dinner party I suggest we have coffee and cake around 9 p.m. to ease our stress as we resolve to solve our pressing discussion. Since space may be an issue I suggest we have our meeting at my Auditorium just outside my mansion. I will have my attendance make the preparations as this letter is delivered. I look forward to resolving our issues in a just and timely manner.

Chiren then used a wax seal to close the letter in its envelope and promptly handed it to Kalena's servant in person. Chiren then sent the servant back to Kalena with haste as he had his staff make the necessary preparations. Since this was a big opportunity. many members of the Rising Star were taking advantage of this opportunity to gain a lot of intel on many big names. Jack aka Chiren smirked as he knew he was going to have a long night. He already had the names of three Nobles he planned to incriminate when Kalena and her supporters arrived.

The first dirty Nobel was a Viscount by the name of Marius Dragmar. He is a greedy, sadistic and perverted Nobel who loves to see how far he can push his luck while hiding behind his title. He is the type to claim Jus Primae Noctis which is the “right of the first night”, in simplest terms, the right of the local noble to deflower local peasant brides on their wedding night before their newlywed husbands. Of course he would sadly return her cold corpse when he was done with her, which added to his evil image. He was also known to cheat on his taxes, cut corners on aiding the kingdom with resources, supplies, funds or staff when called upon. He would usually hide behind a lack of funds and beg for leniency. He has also been known to send in spies to the castle to gain dirt on the Queen and her supporters so he could profit on it.

The second dirty Nobel was a Baron by the name of Darius Ramsbotum. Darius is a complete weasel who would commit horrible acts and shift the blame onto Viscount Marius Dragmar since he was proud of his evil reputation. Baron Darius did the same acts as Marius but even went as far as to kidnapping the wives and daughters of enemy Nobles and sell them as slaves once he was done with them. He used this leverage to take from the competition.

The third dirty Nobel was a Lord by the name of Marcus Dushenbog. He was a very twisted man in that he would have his enemies and their families kidnapped and used for hunting sport and when he ran out of those he would hunt slaves or innocent bystanders. This was a common practice for him on top of being a source income as he stole from his victims.

All three of these Nobles were candidates for becoming a demon as they had no redeeming attributes or qualities. Since Jack hated their kind he felt they were a pimple that needed to be popped sort to speak. Since they were dirty it would be hard to incriminate them in the eyes of a battle crazy Kalena, especially since they all wanted her to be their next victim. Chiren popped his neck as he looked at his chief of security and told him it was going to be a long night.


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