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Summary: A charming warlord criminal

Draken Darkward

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Gender: male

Age: 19

Group: Criminals

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Half demon


skilled with duel wielding swords, athletic, fast, strong, smart and a trickster



Physical Appearance

The pic had two horns the glow red at the tip
5 ft tall

Personality and interests

Cocky, smart, cool, tricky to understand, kind, and powerful
Want to rule the land of the two kingdoms


He was raised in an orphanage since he was 2. At age 5 he started pulling pranks, he finally became a criminal at age 10 where he killed the owner of the orphanage, who tried to sell him out for using magic. He escaped to the forest with some of his friends. The made their home/ base there. They became the most wanted criminals in the land. He steals jewel and the hearts of women. He is quite charming. He has done the most crimes out of the group. Then one day he left to mess with the Dalen Guards, came back to find his friends and home destroyed. So he turn himself in, was about to be executed but was saved by Shade. Draken left the land two months after into the dark mountain. He came back able to use all kinds of dark magic and all types of flame magic. He wants to rule the land.

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Image of Draken Darkward
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