Civil war

Draken left the prison, some of the guards tried to stop him, but he just burned them. He walked outside, and whistled, his burning skeletal horse appeared. He got on the horse and his armour changed into black armour that looked like a demon. The horse then got the same matching armour. Shade appeared one a shadowy horse by Draken, and then blowed a horn. The horn was so loud, that every one inthe kingdom could hear it. After the horn was blown, an army of demonic undead showed up. Draken got to the center of town, "People of Dalen, I am Draken Souldawn, son of the demon Soularous. I am hear to end the the regin of both kingdoms, and make a new kingdom that will be stronger then any kingdom to existed, This is a Civil war, I give you this warning so you may leave before the battle really begins, if you stay, you are staying to fight. With me, or without me. Make your choice now!" The undead made paths so the people could leave.

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