Return of the Rider

"You're right. Not while behind these bars."

A hooded man stood against his bars, across from Draken's cell. He turned, and in the darkness the only things that could be seen were his teeth and his glowing eyes.

"When I heard a man had walked right up to the Dalen gates demanding consul with the Queen, I knew that I just had to get involved."

He leaned forward, into the light, revealing his face. His eye gleamed a unnatural luminescent gold, even in the light.

"And, oh my, what a rare find. The Witch of Verden, is it? I would have never expected to run into you, let alone down here."

Stepping completely into the light, his armor and weapon are in the light. The armor and weapons that the guards should have taken away from him. He snaps, and his cell door swings open.

"I don't suppose you plan to dwell here then, do you?"

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