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Summary: Victory is Bittersweet

Astella (The Witch)

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Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Criminals

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Witch/Demonic Presence




No actual title

Physical Appearance

Astella’s physical appearance can vary. She might appear a tall, thin Maiden with long blonde hair, blue eyes, pleasent features, and pale skin. She may also appear as a quaint old woman wearing a headscarf, wool dress, and overcoat. Some other possible forms are a cute little girl, a red headed teenager, or a fairy. She can appear in different forms if needed. Astellas true appearance, however, is a tall, thin woman, with a ugly grueling face, a mouth of sharp teeth, white eyes, and grey decaying skin.

Personality and interests

Astellas personality can also depend based on her form and who she needs to convince.

Astella is a very manipulative, bitter, and selfish woman who has no problem hurting the innocent.

Astella has always had a interest in herbs and potions, which led her to study alchemy and brewery.


Astella appeared in the kingdom of Verden as a young child, with no known parents or relatives. She was sent to a Monstarey that orphaned children, although shortly after the Monstarey burnt down leaving only Astella alive. People suspected she was a witch, but with no proof to support this Astella was sent from home to home. Each family saying some strange occurrence conspired during Astellas residentry. Eventually Astella was sent to the prison, since magic is illegal in Verden, but after the Prison burnt down, Astella was chased out of town. Though people say that she lives in a cave deep inside the woods. Luring people in for them never to return. Causing her to be known as “The Witch” in the stories mothers tell to their children in order to keep them out of the woods.

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