Well, see Shade. Now the Outrider is here. My Plan still worked. Shade grumbled at the witch, " Draken is no Common,but he will help you." He pulled out the keys he stole from the guard and unlocked the cell doors. Draken smiled at Outrider, " I over think sometimes. But I wanted to cause commotion, like how I got Shade to find the body of a beloved leader of Dalen." Shade unlocked all the cell doors, every criminal came charging out and went to fight the guards outside. Shade pulls out a demon sword and hands it to Draken, "Your sword, my Lord." Draken nodded and sheathed it. " My Plan with making a deal wouldn't work at first, but if I offer an resurrection for their leader, they might do it." Shade shook his head " Or if they still refused, will let the criminals deal with them. "

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