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Summary: A wealthy socialite not to be trifled with

Kalena Valade

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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: People of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

She is a resident of Dalen.




Kalena is a former assassin and mercenary. She is a very fine hand-to-hand fighter and athlete, a highly skilled swordsman and archer, and is particularly adept with throwing knives. She is also skilled at horsemanship, lockpicking, climbing, and stealth.


She holds no official rank or title, but is very rich.

Physical Appearance

Kalena has a lovely exotic face with a wide mouth, mischievous gray-green eyes and long curly dark hair that tumbles over her statuesque shoulders. She stands at about five feet seven inches, her body lithe and shapely; though she is well-toned from regular exercise, she's stronger than she looks, with a good deal of hidden core strength and stamina.

Personality and interests

Kalena was once a consummate thrill-seeker and show-off, but after many brutal war campaigns has grown into a more mature person with nothing to prove to anyone, including herself. Old habits die hard though, and she can be bloodthirsty, reckless, petty, and boastful in the right situation. Retiring young, she now enjoys a leisurely life of hunting, gambling, attending concerts and plays, and, for a hobby, has taken up the training and breeding of horses.


Little is known about Kalena's life other than she spent a number of years selling her sword to various kingdoms across the continent and earning an impressive reputation. After accumulating enough coin to retire very lavishly, she purchased a small palace in Dalen where she resides for part of the year with a number of servants and slaves. She is known to be on good terms with Queen Thalia, a happy past client, and who Kalena has claimed is her friend.

Favourite food

She's a pasta lover.

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Image of Kalena Valade
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