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Summary: A rebel leader born to the infamous Aello Nahema

Auriel Nahema

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Gender: Female

Age: 75

Group: Criminals

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Half tiefling, half succubus


Auriel is a commander for the Rising Star. She knows number of support spells that she can use to heal and encourage her troops, along with more lethal spells as well. Many of the support spells she casts are performed by playing one of her instruments, usually the flute due to its small size.

In a fight, she usually uses a concealable dagger, but she owns a longsword as well that she is quite capable with if she isn't trying to be stealthy.


Auriel is the Commander of Operations in Assar for the Rising Star.

Physical Appearance

Auriel has long black hair, yellow eyes, pinkish skin, small fangs, and long, pointed ears. She stands at about 5'7" (1.7 meters) and weighs about 130 pounds (59 kg).

She also has a tail which is about 2 feet in length (0.6 meters), and horns, as is characteristic of most tieflings.

Personality and interests

Auriel respects her followers and feels compassion for slaves and other unfortunate people. Towards her enemies, however, she is utterly ruthless, and she is only merciful to them if their is something she or the Rising Star can gain from it.

She can be calcualating and manipulative, but her loyalty to the Rising Star's cause is unwavering. Auriel still likes to try to keep up with her family when she can, and she has a bad habit of using the Rising Star's resources to accomplish that.


Auriel was born to a tiefling father whom she never met and Aello Nahema. Aello raised Auriel by herself, teaching her magic, survival, history, combat and the works so that one day Auriel would be able to survive on her own. That day occured when she turned twenty one. Much like her step brother Jack 54 years later would, Auriel fought her way through a number of slavers, eventually finding her way into Verden, which was a very different nation back then.

Auriel had learned how to play several different instruments growing up, and as with everything else, the ancient succubus demanded excellence from Auriel, who became proficient with the mandolin, flute, and violin. So when Auriel got to Verden, she found work as a bard, where she travelled to many taverns and provided excellent musical services, making quite a name for herself.

This, unfortunately, bit her in the butt when public opinion turned against magic users and magical creatures. When King Asgurt initiated the Purge, Auriel barely got out of Verden with her life intact. She fled toward Dalen with a number of other refugees, hoping that Dalen had gotten nicer over the years.

It hadn't.

Although Queen Thalia had officially declared Dalen a haven for Purge refugees, she didn't offer them protection from slavers, who were crawling all over the Neutral Zone, laying traps for the hapless souls trying to escape Asgurt's wrath. Auriel's band of survivors walked right into one of these traps. Auriel herself had had been wounded during her escape from Verden, so she wasn't quite ready for battle. When the refugee's got attacked, Auriel fought ferociously, but she was defeated. The slavers chose to let her live on account of her good looks, but the next few days were extremely rough to say the least.

On the verge of death, Auriel and the surviving refugees were rescued by Dalen rebels. After a couple of weeks on the healing bed, Auriel was given a choice to join the rebels and help them create a land where all people of all races were free to pursue happiness without fear of being enslaved. Having lost everything, Auriel accepted.

Auriel was now a soldier of the Rising Star. She proved to be quite the force to be reckoned with as she and the Rising Star hunted down slaver groups in the Neutral Zone and recruited their prisoners. The Rising Star eventually amassed a fairly substantial, if poorly equipped, army.

Within a year Thalia declared war on King Asgurt, proclaiming herself savior of the magical races of the land. The war should have been a blowout, with the larger armies of Dalen bristling with war-mages easily wiping out the mage-less humans of Verden. However, somehow, the patriotic and disciplined men and woman of Verden managed to turn back the armies of Dalen time and time again.

Two years into the conflict, as Dalen's armies continued to waste themselves upon the swords of Verden's armies and the walls of Verden's cities, the rebels finally came out of the shadows. They stormed and captured the Dalen city of Mizsulce, which at the time was a huge slave hub. Auriel herself participated in the assault and performed admirably, so much so that she was promoted to an officer after the city fell.

Unfortunately for the Rising Star, Thalia was in no mood to let this slight pass. She recalled all the armies that were moving to the front to reinforce the attacking armies and mobilized her personal retinue, forging an army with which to reclaim the city. Leading the assault herself, Thalia's army stormed Mizsulce, massacred the population, and burned the city to the ground (she needed to make a statement to other rebel groups that might be foolish enough to consider taking territory from her).

Auriel managed to escape the slaughter along with a handful of her men. They all went back into hiding, eventually joining up with other survivors. Meanwhile, the Dalen invaders in Verden were routed and crushed when the reinforcements they were expecting did not arrive in time. That defeat, compounded by fears of more slave and rebel uprisings, caused public favor for the war to tank. Verden sent raiders into Dalen to destroy resources and disrupt troop movements while a force was amassed to invade Dalen. Although Asgurt likely did not possess enough forces to take and hold territory in Dalen, Thalia's council feared the destruction that would be wrought from continuing what was now viewed as a largely pointless war, and Thalia was persuaded to sign a truce with King Asgurt.

With the war over, the remnant of the Rising Star chose to continue their resistance in a more subtle way, creating a network of spies and operatives that watched the going-ons throughout the Kingdom of Dalen, looking for a chink in her armor, and perhaps one day succeed in their quest to forge a republic where everyone would be free to pursue happiness.

Auriel, one of the few officers of the Rising Star to survive the Fall of Mizsulce, was made Commander of Operations of the the region of Assar, in which Radogast lies. The subsequent years were largely uneventful, but with the arrival of her stepbrother Jack, that may soon change...

Favourite food

Auriel rather likes venison, though duck and chicken are enjoyed as well.

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