Small Talk

---- In the basement of a slave auction house -Dalen Capital - Night ----
It had been a busy day.
Multiple people came to inspect her but all but one wanted a slimmer younger lady. This was okay for Tudi, it meant she could spend more time practicing her music. Unable to leave this flimsy cell for days on end, her only solace came in the form of her last prized possession. An old cracked and beaten violin. The hired muscle looking after the slaves down here, almost took the violin from her during her first day. It took a lot of biting and a couple well placed punches but she managed to cling to it.

While making her rounds as a mercenary in full armor, Auriel took some time to check out the slave market. This was one of her routine missions to see their faces and get to know who was who. She had every intention of helping the slaves who were put their against their will. The lessons her mother (Aello, Not Playable) taught her were about being strong mentally and physically in order to make changes in the world.

She took particular notice to the red headed slave who was not purchased for any reason. Auriel wondered if she was damaged goods or had a bad reputation. Slavers were ranked below the scum on one's shoe in the eyes of Auriel but she maintained discipline to keep her composure. Along with the redhead girl, Auriel was interested a few other slaves. Some of them were possible recruits for her underground forces, while the rest would be sent to a distant hidden village to live a normal and simple life. Auriel had a long term plan to change Dalen for the better one slave at a time.

Once the slave auction was closed she approached the slaver and asked about the costs of the slaves she was interested in. Naturally the only thing the slaver cared about was money and getting more slaves to sell, even if he had to break the law. Seeing as Auriel was attractive the slaver tested the water by teller her she would make a good slave and fetch a high price. Of course Auriel knocked out two of his thugs and put her sword to the slaver's throat before she showed him the seal Count Chiren Soldor.

The slaver nearly wet his pants as he realized he messed up big time with his greed. Auriel was hoping to capitalize on this as she told him she would be back the next day with the funds to buy some slaves at a discounted price. The slaver lacked the courage to defy the Count since he was close to the Queen. Once Auriel was satisficed with her arrangement she left the slaver building.

Then Auriel made her way to the Counts mansion. She knew the slaver had her followed since they lacked the grace of a real rogue. She ignored them as she made a few rounds to collect some items from the market before arriving at the Count's mansion. Once she was in the mansion the slavers waited like bumbling fools till she left. Auriel waited till she had the all clear from the staff at the mansion before removing her helmet.

It wasn't long before she was greet by the Count and hugged him tightly. Unknown to anyone outside the resistance The real Count was a prisoner hidden away while Jack, Auriel's brother was taking his place using glamour magic. Jack took over the duties of the Count and allowed the resistance to set up shop as his staff which has been growing slow and surely.

Auriel was determined to help guide her little half brother Jack so he didn't end up like their older half brother Talin who was a minion for Estalla. Jack so far was the youngest of the vast number of Aello Nahema's children. Granted they varied in age and lived all around the world, they were still connected by blood. If luck might have it Auriel would Jack to meet his other siblings. Though they were half Succubae on their mom's side they all varied in the other half. Auriel was half Tiefling, Talin was half elf and Jack was half human.

Auriel told Count Chiren/Jack about the slaves she saw in the market and the funds needed to purchase them. Jack had no problem letting Auriel run things from the shadows since they were partners till the end. After getting her the needed funds to buy her slaves they decided to chat over more details during a meal.

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