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Summary: Cold and utterly ruthless. When the Black Witch comes, her prey rarely survive.

Estalla Malkaan

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Gender: Female

Age: 103

Group: Soldiers of Dalen

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Estalla is a master Cryomancer (ice mage), Biomancer (body manipulation mage), and Psychomancer (mind manipulation mage). She is extremely skilled in combat, as well as extracting information from people by doing terrible things to their minds and bodies. She's actually not bad at healing people either, although she doesn't do much of that these days.


Estalla is Thalia's "Enforcer", a not-so-secret police official that strikes the fear of god into anyone who even considers resisting the will of the Queen. She is also often referred to as "the Black Witch" due to her preferred dress and temperment.

Physical Appearance

Estalla has pale skin, black hair, and piercing blue eyes. She stands at about 5' 8" (1.7 meters) tall. She is quite slender, but she does have the musculature and posture of a soldier.

Estalla usually dresses in black robes and wears a light padded coat with metal inlays underneath as armor when she is on a mission.

Personality and interests

Estalla can be described as cold and utterly ruthless. She could also be described as a sociopath that serves the Queen because she likes her position in life. She is incorruptible, but she is also one of the least friendly people you will ever meet (possibly second only to her old friend Adisla Styliane).


The Malkaan family had a proud history of serving as war mages in the Dalen military, and Estalla answered that calling, enlisting as a battlefield medic for the Queen's retinue. During her time as a medic, she would often patch up captured enemy knights and nobles after battles, and she displayed a knack for acquiring valuable information from them. Eventually someone high enough in the chain of command took note of this, and she was promoted to be the captain's head interrogator. Several decades later of excelling at this position, Estalla drew the eyes of the Queen herself, and she was offered a position as the Queens Royal Interrogator, which she accepted.

More decades went by, and Estalla was given access to some of Dalen's most prominent magic tutors, and with their help, she mastered her three chosen schools of magic.

In 23 BCGD, Estalla's life took an interesting turn. A serial killer known as "The Spellbow" was terrorizing north-western Dalen. Estalla was summoned to the Queen's chambers and ordered to bring the Spellbow in alive, for Thalia believed that the Spellbow was one of the children of the infamous Aello Nehema, and she wanted leverage over the rogue succubus. Estalla was deemed appropiate for the task due to her loyalty and skill with psychomancy. And that was how Estalla found herself hunkered down in Baron Oldfield's keep in the heart of Radogast alongside Adisla and the Baron as the Spellbow carved a bloody swath through the streets to reach the Commander and avenge his beloved.

When at last the Spellbow made it into the Keep, his rampage was was brought to an end by Adisla, Estalla, and the Baron's guards. Estalla dragged the Spellbow back to the Capital, but for the first time in her life, she disobeyed an order. She had witnessed firsthand the Spellbow's impressive combat prowess and felt it was a waste not to harness it. And so, during the carriage ride back to the capital, Estalla began applying the first of a long series of spells to the Spellbow that began his transformation from a person to a monster.

Once she returned to the Capital, she explained her plan to turn the Spellbow into a weapon for the Crown to Thalia, who eventually got onboard. Estalla completed the remaining spells and rituals needed to turn the Spellbow into a vampire-ghoul, and thus the Fiend was born. After a demonstration of the Fiend's abilities, Estalla was promoted to her current rank, tasked with handling the Fiend and wielding him against Thalia's foes. After undergoing extensive combat training herself, Estalla was ready, and together, Estalla and the Fiend accomplished amazing feats in the battlefield and against lords who thought to align themselves against Thalia after the Mage War. During one such mission, Estalla acquired another thrall, who became known as the Dreadknight.

Since then, the Black Witch, the Fiend, and the Dreadknight have helped the Queen maintain peace in Dalen, but now things are starting to unravel, and the much-feared Enforcers of the Crown will be tried like never before.

Favourite food

Nothing in particular.

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Image of Estalla Malkaan
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