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Summary: A Legendary Mage/Succubus and mother to many

Aello Nahema

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Gender: Female

Age: Over 1000, looks 21

Group: Criminals

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Born in Dalen but migrates a lot to various safe houses in dangerous territories.


Succubus Mage

Known Children: Has over 20 of them every 30 or so years apart
Jack Nahema Half human/Succubus age 21
Talin Nahema Half Elf/Half Incubus turned Vampire-Ghoul/Succubus age
Auriel Nahema Half Tiefling/Succubus age 75


NOTE *(This character will rarely be used in action since she is powerful, but she has a lot of kids who will come into play like Jack, Talin and Auriel)*

Legendary Mage/Succubus
Countless Skills in combat, arcane and home making


Legendary Mage/Succubus

Physical Appearance

She looks like a 21 year old succubus despite being over a 1000 years old

Personality and interests

Her personality varies upon her mood and if she is pregnant. Though she is strict with her children in their training she is very affectionate with them and sometimes she has to stop herself from draining them as they near the age of 21.


Aello is a wild and free spirit. Imagine a horny hippy mage with the power to drain essence from their victims. She is extremely powerful and could easily lay destruction to both kingdoms but could careless about power. By having a child she could avoid having to drain men till he reached the age of 21 which allows her to lay low from feeding all the time.
She has had over 20 children in that last 1000 year and Jack Nahema is her recent child. She is beyond wealthy and has over twenty homes scattered all over and located in monster infested places to prevent intruders. She is wanted for a long list of crimes, but no one can actually arrest her much less defeat her. She used to be friends with the Queen of Dalen long ago before a bad falling out. The Queen chose a path of power and Aello chose to be a free spirit.

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Image of Aello Nahema
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