Big Sis?

"Regarding the second part of your question, yes, mom had some interesting mannerisms when it came to settling down for the night, although this is not generally an appropriate question to ask in a public setting like this. If I didn't really want to talk to you, I'd probably get offended and leave, but I'll humor you. No, we did not have an incestuous relationship. Yes, I did sleep in the same bed in very close proximity to mom for most of my young life. She hasn't admitted it yet, but I'm pretty sure she used her magic to decrease the temperature in our house when we went to bed so that I was forced to get close to her if I wanted to be warm."
"So did I pass? Can you tell me your name now, Mr. Paranoid?"

Jack was shocked to discover Auriel was on the up and up. He now had a million questions for her but knew he needed to take it slow.

Jack: Jack Nahema. She named me Jack. Sorry for being paranoid and all but its been a real rough week.

LeLu: Jack is being hunted by slavers.

Jack: Wow so you really are my sister. I have so many questions to ask you. Oh and before you get to confused about it. I'm an adept when it come to magic even though I have an affinity for all the elements. I can generate powerful spells but once they leave my hand they dissipate. As for my looks I can alter them to hide or boost my skills. I am half human. So what have you been up to this whole time?


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