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Summary: Call me a brigand or a rascal if you wish, your insults are but praises to these ears.


Gender: Male

Age: 26

Group: Mercenaries

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





An skilled hunter, and skilled crafter. He is a lot smarter than he looks.


Black Sparrow

Physical Appearance

A rather well built man, has dark skin and short hair made up of small black curls, and stands just over six feet. Wears basic leather clothing, carries a sabre at his side, but prefers his crossbow as his main weapon.

Personality and interests

Oru is a dedicated hunter, all of his life has been a game of cat and mouse, and he isn't proud to say that he hasn't always been the cat. He is an ex-slave, and his owner thought him to be a hunter. He used those skills to end his owner's life. Now, with the capacity to kill, and the common sense not to without purpose, Oru makes a living hunting down those with bounties on their heads, and he isn't very keen on bringing his victims back alive.


Oruvand was born into a family of farmers, spiteful people who forced their children to work. Oru was different, though. He wanted to learn, skipped out on work to read books. When he couldn't quite keep up with the other, disciplined children, his parents decided they would get money out of him one way or another. They sold him.

Oru was 11 years old when he lost his freedom, and lived as a slave for another 7. His slave owner made the mistake of teaching him to be deadly so that he could hunt more efficiently. Oruvand used those same skills to kill his owner, and escape.

Oru found that he could be paid for his deadly skills, and paid he was. He even made a name for himself, The Black Sparrow, due to his rather uncanny sight and accuracy at long range.

Not long after he began bounty hunting, a warlock named Adriel Alexander came to Dalen from lord knows where and attacked the slaver population, freeing countless slaves in the progress. It was Oru who perused him. It was said that the warlock could conjure lighting to strike down a man from 60 yards away, so Oru shot him from seventy. The bolt was tipped in a sort of potion that caused paralysis and nullified magical energy, it was a concoction used primarily to subdue magic users. The man now sits locked away at the bottom of Dalen's deepest dungeon, and Oru has acummulated a good bit of fame due to this feat.

Favourite food

Quite a fan of jerky and bacon.

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Image of Oruvand
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