Free at last

Tancred watched helplessly as the drama unfolded. Who would ever have believed that one stupid little mouse might ruin his perhaps only chance of freedom? But there was nothing he could do than watch as Mousvin crawled into the desk drawer closely followed by the mouse.

A few moments later he saw Mousvins tiny head poking out of the top drawer and then dropping the keys to the floor. Now he could hear Yeirans voice as he noticed Mousvin and what he was doing. Why can’t that idiot just keep his big mouth shut? He thought to himself. But then the worst thing happened; Karl had heard the shouting and came bursting into the room.

Now it was a race against time, but luckily Mousevin turned out to be the fastest. As soon as Mousvin reached the bars Tancred grabbed the keys and smiled “Thank you”. Tancred only managed to try one of the keys in the lock when Karl reached him. “Oh, you’re not going anywhere!” he said and tried to pull the keys out of Tancreds hands. This was a big mistake. With a quick motion Tancred grabbed hold of Karls shirt and pulled him hard into the bars, thereby knocking him out. With Karl now pacified Tancred managed to find the correct key and unlocked the cell.

He didn’t wait a second to burst out, stepping over Karl on the way, and turned around with a big smile to little Mousvin “You are the best!”. “And you guys” he turned to look at the other two prisoners “say goodbye from me to Lorcan when he gets back” and winked before heading towards the kitchen.

It was an indescribable feeling finally to be free after having been locked up for so many years, but despite of this he wasn’t going to leave just yet. Lorcan ought to have some good stuff lying around somewhere that he could use. And so, the search began. There was some food around, but nothing he would ever dream of eating. After a few moments searching he found finally found what he was looking for; Lorcans hidden supply of rare wines. Quickly he grabbed the nearest bottle, opened it and downed half of it almost without tasting it. It had been years ago since he’d had a drink and he most certainly weren’t disappointed.

Thrilled by his new freedom he almost completely forgot about his promise to Mousvin. With his bottle in one hand Tancred got hold of a bag and started to fill it with as many wine bottles as he possibly could.

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