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Summary: A little thief with a great big greed

Mousvin Rett

Gender: Male

Age: 11

Group: People of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Brownie a race of tiny people related to fairies and sprites. They live in hidden villages in the forests of Dalen. They grow to be around 6 inches tall and have short mouse like tails.




No rank

Physical Appearance

At just 5 inches tall Mousvin is shorter than most brownies his age. He has bushy brown hair that shoots wildly off in all directions. He has traditional red face paint with mouse skin clothing and boots.

Personality and interests

Selfish and a bit of a coward. Always interested in whats in it for him and keeping his own skin safe.


Mousvin grew up in a hidden brownie village deep in the forests of Dalen. He was always mischevious and found himself getting into trouble quite often from a young age.

When he reached adult hood he was caught stealing from a local merchant, and was punished by being beaten by the village guard, but Mousvin couldn't keep his hands in his pockets and was arrested for burglary and theft nine more times. On the tenth time he was banished forever from the brownie village.

It took him nearly a year in the forest before he reached a village of the giant ones (at least thats what the brownies called them). He headed inside in search of food and shelter.

Favourite food

Roasted Wild Field Mouse

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Image of Mousvin Rett
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