Getting to know one another

Tancred found it difficult not to laugh at how quickly this little guy got drunk and how the alcohol affected him, but he did his best to contain himself. However, it was nice to hear that he wasn’t the only one with a somewhat unusual background.

Before starting on his story Tancred finished the last pieces of stake in a few mouthfuls and then ordered four more, just as a sort of dessert of course. He leaned back in his chair with his ale in hand “Allright, it’s kind of a long story so I’ll try to keep it short”. “Believe it or not, but I actually used to be just a regular human being employed as a soldier in Queen Thalias army. Then a war between Dalen and Verden broke out and my group was sent to the frontline as some of the first. One day we were ambushed and most of us were killed and the rest of us where left to die” he paused to get a few gulps of ale before moving on, still with a smile on his lips “What happened next is a bit blurry, but the next thing I remember is being back at some infirmary and all my wounds where healed. It turned out they had somehow turned us into something called ghouls; enhanced human like creatures with an almost insatiable hunger for meat”.

Just then a waiter brought him his dessert, four more raw stakes, and placed them before him. Tancred smiled at Mousvin, as the timing of this couldn’t have been better, then continued “After this we were sent back to the frontline. This was a great time as we could do pretty much whatever we wanted to do and eat whoever we wanted to”. Then he let out a quiet sigh and downed the rest of his ale “But sadly these good times didn’t last and before we knew it the war was over and all ghouls were considered too dangerous to be allowed a normal life among the rest of the citizens of Dalen. Most of us were executed shortly after, but I was one of the few who were caught alive and sold to Lorcan, the man who’s house you broke into”.

He put down his mug with his smile “And that’s where I stayed for forty-four years until you released me today”. As he was going to finish the his “dessert” he stopped himself shortly “Oh, and just because I only eat meat you don’t have to worry about me eating you”. “You see. It’s simply not worth it” he took one of the stakes and held it next to Mousvin and it was almost as big as him “Compared to a stake like this you’re simply just skin and bones”. Though he said it teasingly there were some truth to it. He then gobbled up the stake in a few bites before smiling at Mousvin once more “So, is there anything more you’d like to know?”.

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