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Summary: Making the most of every situation.


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Gender: Male

Age: Looks about 30, but is way older

Group: Others

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Other - Is currently a slave owned by Lorcan.


Ghoul - used to be a ordinary human.


Before he was captured he was a professional soldier, trained in Dalen.

He is very skilled with most weapons, but prefers fighting with his bare hands or with a ordinary sword. Though because he have been locked up for so long he is a bit rusty so to say.

As a ghoul he is quite a lot stronger than any humans, heals a lot faster and is quite hard to kill, but because of this he also have an unusually high metabolism and a almost insatiable appetite for meat.


Slave/Test subject.

Physical Appearance

Average human hight, blond medium long hair, his skin is a bit unusual pale partly because of his condition and because he haven't been outdoors for years. He has a bit of a catlike appearance with slightly pointy teeth and very slender but muscular body.
Is tattooed on his neck and chest.

Only have one very basic set of clothes, nothing special.

Personality and interests

He has a very outgoing personality, loves to joke around and have a good time. Is perhaps one of the few who really enjoyed being in war and doesn't mind having been transformed into a ghoul.

Since he doesn't have a lot to do so he spends a lot of time working out and reading.


Had a pretty ordinary life until about 50 years ago, the most recent time Dalen and Verden were at war. At that time he was fighting for Queen Thalia and were sent on several missions. One day his group were ambushed, most where killed and the rest of them was left to die. He was one of the few who were found and in order to keep him alive, or at least partly, he was turned into a ghoul and then sent back into the fight.

When the war ended all ghouls were considered too dangerous to the society, just like vampires and other creatures like that, and sentenced to death. Tancred was one of the few that were captured alive. A few days before he were to be executed Lorcan met him and immediately found great interest in his kind. Because Lorcan was working for the Queen he were able to perspone Tancreds execution for years and years until he finally got permission to keep him for his experimental purposes.

Now Tancred has been living in the same cell at Lorcans farm for more than 40 years.

Favourite food

Fresh human livers.

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Image of Tancred
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