While Mousvin had been away to get the key Tancred had been replacing all their empty bottles with full ones and only the really strong stuff. Now their satchel was stuffed, almost to the bursting point.

Mousvin held the gold key above his head beaming. "Got it!" he announced in triumph. "Let's get paid!"

“Great” Tancred smiled and grabbed the key. He then went for the lockbox which were located underneath the counter. The key was a perfect fit and he excitedly opened it. Then disappointment soon took over. Inside the box were only two gold coins, a handful of silver pieces and of course the small precious stone he had paid with earlier this evening.

With a small disapproving grunt Tancred scooped up their reward, put it in his pocket before picking Mousvin up from the floor “Let’s just get out of here…”. He didn’t want to waste anymore time here and after this little crime it wouldn’t be wise for them to stay until morning.

He sneaked out of the inn with Mousvin on one shoulder and their satchel across the other. Being in the bad mood he was Tancred didn’t say another word as they left the village. Without any specific heading he just started following the road into the darkness.

After a long silent walk, they came across a lake. The sun was starting to rise so Tancred took a seat on a rock by the edge of the water. “You know what? We really need to come up with something bigger if we are ever to become rich…” he said, though his eyes were fixed on the rising sun. He had completely forgotten the beauty of the nature and for a moment he almost forgot all about treasures and gold.

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