A helping hand

---- Tower of the Circle, Dalen Capital ----

"You will not let her down, Master Gareth. For she does not own you," he said to him. "This attempt at thievery ends on this day." He rose and began rummaging through the shelves of scrolls. He had memorized some counter magic but just in case, he grabbed a few scrolls. Next was a hold person spell scroll, having used his memorized version on Gareth earlier.

As he turned, he grabbed a small coin purse. It was a bag of holding in truth and it was into this he stored the scrolls. Cinching the pouch to his belt, the old mage snapped his fingers. With a muted flash of his cantrip, a gnarled wooden staff appeared in his left hand.

Gareth watched in silence as Enanth gathered his things and conjured an seemingly old wooden staff, not quite sure what the elderly wizard would be preparing for.

"Young Gareth, today I will free you from the burden you have had fallen unto you. Today, you will answer no master that you do not cal your own," he spoke sincerely.

This however surprised him. Would he really be helping him out one more time? At first, he didn’t know how to respond, though he really could use some help to solve this problem about the book Thia wanted. But what would Thia say to all of this? Of course, he already knew the answer to this question. She was going to be so mad. But then again, what if Enanth could help her out without using the book?

Gareth nervously bit his lower lip while desperately trying to figure out what to do.

After some hesitation he had come up with an answer. “Thank you” he looked to Enanth once more ”If you think you can help out Thia with this mess she’s gotten herself into then I can show you to her house”. “But” now, despite being a little scared of the wizards power he had to make this one thing clear “you must promise me not to hurt her in anyway, allright? She really means a lot to me”. This was a bit of an understatement. Despite of how little affection she showed him Thia had still been the only kind person Gareth had known for a long time, until he met Enanth naturally. This had made Gareth very protective of her and he couldn’t bare the thought of anything happening to her.

(OOC: Feel free to write the part about Gareth leading Enanth to Thias cottage, if that is what you want to go with of course)

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