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Summary: Mistreated and misunderstood.


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Gender: Male

Age: Around 25

Group: Others

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)



Hybrid (elf/vampire/ghoul)


He is a slave so he has no other option than to obey his master.
Even though he might not look like it, he is a lot stronger and faster than humans. Because of this he also has a higher metabolism and needs to eat more.



Physical Appearance

He’s a bit pale, but has clear blue eyes and long black hair. If he was dressed properly and had his hair cut he would be quite handsome.

Personality and interests

Because he’s been living as a slave for so many years he doesn’t show his feelings that often, though that might change if he finds someone he can trust in.


When he was only a child he was taken by some slavers and have never seen his family since. He has been owned by many different people through the years, but has never been treated very well and have even been used by a sorcerer as guinea pig.

Favourite food

Anything, but preferably raw meat and blood.

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Image of Gareth
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