He looked at Mousvin with a wicked smile "Oh, I like the way you think, little guy".

Tancred was already done with his dessert so he grabbed their satchel and went for the bar to get their key. The innkeeper gave them the key and explained to them how to get to the room.

They went up a creaky old staircase to get to their room. It weren't a big room and it seemed as though it hadn't been used in quite a while, but at least it had two separate beds. To be honest, Tancreds old bedsheets had been a lot cleaner than the ones in here, but he didn't complain.

He put down the satchel and placed Mousvin on the bed to the left. After a short glance out of the window he took one of the winebottles from the bag and sat down on the other bed. "Well, I get this place could have been worse" he smiled, opened the bottle and took a swing of it "So how long do you reckon we're gonna wait?". It might not be the wisest thing to be drinking when planning to steal from the establishment, but at this moment Tancred didn't bother to care. He was a free man so he could do what he wanted. Anyway, it were also going to be hard for him to ever really become drunk, at least not for long, because of his unusualy high metabolism so this wasn't really a concern of his.

Before long he had almost finished the entire bottle when he decided to offer Mousvin some. With a smile he held out the bottle towards hin "You want some? It's really good".

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